By Damiete Braide

With over 50 songs and multiple albums, James Useghan’s story unfolds with the rhythm of courage and determination. Leaving behind the familiar cadences of his homeland, James embarked on an audacious adventure, traversing borders to pursue an MSc in the United Kingdom.

Leaving everything behind to embrace the unknown, James and his wife embarked on a journey that demanded more than mere physical relocation – it required the fortitude to navigate unfamiliar landscapes, both geographical and emotional.

The uncertainties of starting afresh in a foreign land loomed large, but with faith and resilience, they forged ahead, propelled by a shared vision of growth and opportunity.

Nigeria’s rich cultural heritage flows through James’s music, each note echoing the rhythms of his upbringing. From the pulsating beats of Afrobeats to the soulful melodies of highlife, his compositions are a vibrant tapestry woven with threads of Nigerian folklore and tradition.

Despite the physical distance from his homeland, James’ music remains deeply rooted in his Nigerian identity, a testament to the enduring power of cultural heritage.

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Yet, amid the melodies that define his musical journey, James found room to pursue academic excellence. The pursuit of knowledge, he believes, is not confined to the corridors of academia but extends to every facet of life.

While dedicating himself to his studies, James seamlessly balances the demands of academia with the passion that fuels his musical soul. Each pursuit complements the other, enriching his life with diverse experiences and perspectives.

As he delves into the realms of finance and project management, James discovers unexpected intersections between his academic pursuits and musical interests. Themes of identity, culture and social dynamics emerge, intertwining academic research with creative expression. Through his music, James explores the complexities of the human experience, offering insights into the tapestry of life that transcends boundaries and disciplines.

However, the path James treads is not without its challenges. Navigating the unfamiliar terrain of academia in a foreign land tests his resolve, restricting him from fully indulging in his musical passions. Yet, amidst the constraints, James finds solace in the harmonies of faith and community, lending his voice to the melodies of the church choir.

Today, as James celebrates another year of life amidst the cadences of his busy schedule, he finds solace in the simple joys of existence. Whether surrounded by loved ones or immersed in quiet reflection, his birthday becomes a symphony of gratitude – a celebration of the melodies that intertwine to form the fabric of his being.