By Rita Okoye



Hope Omenihu Samuel is a seasoned actress, producer, entrepreneur and motivational speaker who has been in the industry for over two decades. 

With her wealth of experience and several achievements, the indigene of Elelenwo isn’t entirely happy about the state of the industry, as she’s particularly saddened by the myriad of unfortunate incidents that occurred in recent times.

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According to Hope, there must be a change in the industry regarding the work ethics of actors, at the expense of their personal wellbeing.

“We need change. If I were put in charge, l will organise seminars on how to take care of ourselves while we are still strong. A lot of us work, work and work without taking good care of ourselves and before long, we fall sick and begin to treat ourselves with our life’s savings, because of neglect over the years. We have to learn that even when we are working so hard, we can still take care of ourselves like eating and resting at the right time. People are dying and falling sick because of total disregard to their personal wellbeing. This is not right,” she said.

Hope Samuel started acting and producing professionally in 2003, but she put it on hold to focus on proper upbringing of her children and family. She returned in 2013 and has since stamped her feet on the landscape, acting in great films and producing some good works of art as well.

To Hope Samuel, acting and producing have been rewarding and fulfilling except for some interpersonal issues arising from dealings with colleagues as a producer. 

“Production can really be fun atimes. You get to meet and interact with different people in every production. But sometimes, it can be frustrating. When you pay an artist and practically begging them to come to work. Most of us lack control and it can really be annoying,” she stated.

Ms Samuel has featured in many films including Cold Vengeance, Devil’s Orchard, Whispering Notes, Long Way Home, Ink of the Gods, Akawo, and My Last Life. Some of her productions are Kiki’s Dilemma, Sweet Candy, and The Love I Found amongst others.

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