From Obinna Odogwu, Awka

A pro-democracy group, Kwechiri N’Oganiru Anambra, has been inaugurated in Awka, the capital of Anambra State. The event took place at Prof Dora Akunyili Women’s Development Centre.

The group, it was gathered, has its members spread across the 326 political wards in the state and was set up to promote the ideals of democracy in the state and beyond.

Coordinator of the group in Anambra South Senatorial Zone, Mr Uzor Nzeribe, said that part of the reasons the group was set up was to help raise the political consciousness of the people and also get them to play their role in the nation’s politics for the good of all.

He also said that part of their jobs was to go to the grassroots and educate the people on the dangers of vote-buying and selling; reasons to be part of governance processes at all levels of governance; and of course, the need to always hold their political leaders accountable.

‘Gone were the days when people sold their votes for pennies. The moment citizens sell their votes, they lose their moral justification to demand good governance. We want our people to be involved in what is going on within government circles, so as to be able to hold their leaders accountable,’ he said.

Nzeribe made it clear that Kwechiri Movement was politically neutral as its core mandate was to free the people from political slavery and also work for the good of the people by constantly preaching and demanding for good governance from their leaders.

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Speaking on the significance of the name, Nzeribe said: ‘About the name, Kwechiri, there is significance. We called it Kwechiri because anytime we say anything, we are determined to stand our ground! Anyi kwechiri, anyi e kwechirisie ike!’

The Anambra Central Coordinator of the group, Mr Nigeria Mbachu, in his speech, said that the pro-democracy group would serve as a platform for the people to constantly engage their leaders on issues of governance.

He urged the members of the group to remain committed to their activities to enable them to actualise their targets.

Also speaking, Mr Emmanuel Obieze, said: ‘We are actually looking at the unreached, that is, new disciples, and we are also looking at the future of Anambra State youths turning 18 next year.

‘We need to sensitize the people to get involved politically. We are here to bridge the gap among some persons who are not interested in politics; the politically naive, especially those in the hinterlands and also at the grassroots level.’

Delivering a lecture, Mr Nwike Nweke, encouraged the people to participate in the politics of their country and also contribute to its governance processes through regular dialogues and contributions to government policies and programmes.

Meanwhile, the State Legal Adviser of the group, Mr Richard Ezechukwuma, a lawyer, administered an oath on the members of the group to mark their formal inauguration.