By Doris Obinna

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Hospital, Ojokoro, Lagos, has urged the new administration to prioritise healthcare delivery in the country by subsidising most medical equipment so that the poor and middle class can afford medical services.

Speaking at a press conference, the managing director, Dr. Samiullah Tahir, said the hospital, which was founded by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at Centre, has over the years provided affordable medical services to its immediate community and environs in Nigeria, irrespective of religion.  

He added that the hospital has been providing free tuberculosis treatment, with support from the Lagos State government. Tahir, who stated that partnership with Lagos State government has been on for five years now, also disclosed that the hospital was looking forward to extending its services to HIV treatment anytime soon.

While charging the government to make drugs available, he said, “The drugs are very expensive, so we have to keep the balance between how much the patients can afford and how much the drugs are. We particularly don’t have many challenges because we have a dream that we can provide free services so no one will go without being served.

“Another aspect is the technical aspect. In recent times, there are so many brain drains in the health sector and these are some of the challenges we face.

“The facility was recently upgraded to meet the World Health Organisation (WHO) standard by introducing new technologies to syncronise medical services across the country. The healthcare centre renders 24-hours services including surgical operations, cardiology, gyneacology, physiotherapy and optometry among others.”

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While urging the new elected government to focus on good governance, welfare and security of the people irrespective of religion, tribe or political affiliation, he added that priority should be given to health.

He reiterated that issues around medical doctors’ safety and better enumeration should be considered a priority by the incoming government.

“The medical personnel should have better remuneration. Their safety is also very important, medical personnel are not secured in this environment. I will appeal that the new government looks into these areas to ensure that the medical personnel are given better services and facilities.”

He also added that since joining the Ojokoro branch of the hospital from Apapa, some specialties which were not there before, have been introduced. 

“Now the specialists on our panel are cardiologists, gynecologists, paediatricians, general surgeons, orthopedic surgeons, a physiotherapist and optical clinic. We have now acquired some new instruments like the state-of-the-art scan machine which can do all sorts of tests.”