By Damiete Braide

Parents are the major influential factor in the career choice of a child. The world is changing, and the dreams of each teen change accordingly. 

Children should choose their career path and live their dreams. However, the real-world experience of parents definitely cannot be put on a back seat.

Some students told The Education Report why their parents do not have any influence on their choice of study in the university.

Isioma Justina Nzeh, an SS3 student of Danibles International School, Jakande, Ajangbadi, Lagos said: “I intend to study Theatre Arts in the university because of my passion for acting and I will say that I am good at it. Also, it is a course, which is easier for me to study in the university when I gain admission.

“I will add that my parents did not influence me to choose the course because I have always intended to study Theatre Arts as a child.

“I believe students allow their parents to choose courses for them    because they feel their parents know what is best for them. They haven’t really seen or love any course they will like to study in the  university.”

Donald Umezuwe, a student of St. Finbars College Akoka, Lagos, said, “I am in commercial class and I want to be an accountant in future. I chose a career in finance because of the many opportunities for a successful career. I enjoy analyzing data; monitoring trends and helping others make decisions to improve their finances. I hope to enroll in this course to learn more about the stock market and how the trading process works.

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“I will say that my parents did not influence my decision but I have passion for the profession. I believe parents should allow their children to choose career path in life.”

Abaas Raheem, an SS3 student of Ayetoro Senior Grammar School, Ebute Meta, Lagos, said as an art student he chose to do the subject because of his interest and desire to become a judge in future.

“I like one of the respectable female judges in the country because of the way and manner she intelligently handle cases. She has inspired a lot of young people because of the way she present issues logically. A lot of things contribute to a child’s choice of career and it’s sad for parents to force their children to choose a career path, “ he noted. 

Fathia Hassan, an Art student of Wesley Grammar School, Yaba, Lagos, noted that her intention is to be an actress but her parents refused and changed her choice of career. 

She added: “They asked me to study Law and I appealed to them but they gave me reasons why they want me to be a lawyer. I had to accept my parents’ decision. Today, I decided to do what they desire and I have come to like it.

“Although it is not good for parents to take decisions for their children on their career but if their children’s choice is not what they desire they can guide them but not to force them.”

Gideon Onyegbula, an SS3 student of Lagos State Unit, Staff School

LASUED, (AIS) said, “ I intend to study software engineering because I have an interest in Mathematics, Statistics, Reasoning, Problem Solving and my passion made me go to Science class.

“ My parents had no influence on my career choice and path probably because they feel they are not responsible enough or because they have problems discovering their passions.”