The Coordinator of natnudO Foods’ broiler out-grower scheme tagged, “natnuPreneur”, Mr. Gbolade Adewole, has said that farmers registered under the six-seven week broiler production scheme, have consistently enjoyed between 7.5 per cent and 15 per cent profit on investment per cycle. 

With a potential to conclude five cycles per year, efficient farmers stand to make between 37.5 per cent and 75 per cent profit per annum, making natnuPreneur “broiler out-grower” the most profitable poultry scheme in the country.

Adewole hinted that between October 2014 and July 2017, poultry farmers registered under the three year ‘pilot phase’ have reared over four million birds and the firm has off-taken birds valued at over N4 billion.

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According to him, the natnuPreneur initiative is not only in the business of providing a ready market for broiler farmers, but also in ensuring that they are consistently in business and that they make profits that can be sustained over time.

He added: “We treat our farmers’ farms as our own and invest a lot of time in ensuring their poultry businesses are run with global best practices as we run and manage ours, because we believe that our success is closely tied to the success of our farmers. Our vision is to create passionate, knowledgeable and wealthy poultry farmers nationwide through sustained profitability.

“It is not enough to help farmers achieve profitability after just one cycle. We have heard of many out-grower schemes in the past where farmers make millions but couldn’t retain that afterwards. What we are most concerned about is that the profit our farmers make increases and is sustained. In other words, we make and retain broiler millionaires through frequent training on poultry management processes and continuous monitoring/supervision of farm activities,” he said.