By Christy Anyanwu

EBELE Udoh is the Managing Director of Africa’s Designers Mall, a new e-commerce platform where African designers across the world can market their products on online .

According to her, Africa Designers Mall is the official e-commerce platform for Africa Fashion Week Nigeria and London. Sunday Sun cornered her at a function in Ikoyi recently and she shared favou­rites.


Could you tell us your favourite colour?

I think it should be black. I’m light-skinned, I like dark shades. I love dark colours.

Favourite food?

Anything in the tubers family. Yams, potatoes, you name it and even if I’m full, I’ll eat it.

Favourite weather?

I like summer. At summer, I can wear all my hot stuffs. I don’t re­ally like cold weather.

Favourite holiday spot?

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I love Miami a lot. My girlfriends and I always go to Miami to chill out after the year’s craziness. Also Dubai is cool too.

Favourite sports?

I love football. I’m a runner too. My favourite club is Arsenal. Though we have our issues but we are getting there.

Favourite designer?

Locally, I like Toju Foyeh a lot. She’s very creative. I love Lanre Da Silva a lot and Mkin O. They are a creative lot. I don’t know if I have a favourite but these are very distinct. I love April by Kumbi too. They are not just regular, they think out of the box. For foreign designers , it depends on the goods. For glasses I love Balmain. For shoes, I love Loiu Vuitton, for dresses I love bcbg.

Favourite book?

I love Why men marry bitches. That book is very educative, you learn a lot. Forget the title, it’s good for women and I think every woman should try and read it and know when you stand on your feet when to say this or when to say that. It’s really an amazing book.

Favourite role model?

I love Oprah Winfrey and Ellen Dege­neres. They’re amazing. They’re both passionate about helping people genu­inely . I love these two people, I love in­spirational speaking, I love encouraging people not withstanding my field. I’ve seen the impact of speaking to people in my life. Those two people are like role models to me.

Favourite music?

Soft rock. I just love the soothing sound of soft rock. It runs deep.