The Chief Executive Officer of cosmetics brand, BeautybyAD, Adeola Adeyemi Chizoba, who is also the President and Founder of the brand has declared that the brand has gone global, having been established locally in 2016.

According to Adeola, who is widely known in the beauty space as Diiadem, the last two years have been the most profound for the brand in terms of growth as they have been able to perfect their game and even spread their tentacles beyond the shores of Nigeria, electronically and otherwise.

Discussing her growth trajectory in a recent chat with our reporter, the elated beautician says, “We have grown beautifully and we have been able to inspire young girls to be whoever they desired to be as regards our Face of BeautybyAD. We have also kept to the standard of producing quality products and have also been able to create a luxe skin foundation and concealers.

“Our core values are inclusivity, that is to include everybody, to let them know we have them in our mind when we create our products. We have everybody in mind regardless of their skin types, skin complexion or tones.

In the last two years, we have been able to move to our flagship store, a year ago when we celebrated our 5th year anniversary. We will be 7 years old this year. The brand has really grown globally and we have distributors all over the world. In Canada, USA, Europe and other parts of the world.

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We have also been able to sign our first brand ambassador. I will say on a scale of one to hundred ,we are 98 in terms of growth and brand visibility. I believe we are among the first five makeup brands in Nigeria right now.”

She also avers that her brand is not only about promoting beauty among all genders but also about creating capacity to inspire and empower aspiring young girls who want to take up a career in modeling..

According to her, it was the basic reason they set up their annual cosmetics-inspired beauty contest called “Face of BeautybyAD” with which young girls are given a platform to showcase their talents in modeling while providing them with the tools and structure to prosper in the world of modeling.

“BeautybyAD’s mission is to ensure that women all over the world, no matter the skin type and undertones, can enjoy affordable luxury that is essential to them, by providing innovative and quality products to cater to all beauty needs locally and across the borders.

BeautybyAD’s vision is to be a trendsetter that inspires people that are passionate about everything beauty and to become the first choice of end users and as well as professionals,” Diiadem declares