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Re: The coup in police recruitment

Igbo don’t have elders, leaders

Igbo don’t have elders or leaders. What we have are cowards. That is why Nnamdi Kanu is more popular than governors, elders and Ohanaeze. Please, watch out for what Igbo youths will do on any referendum for Biafra. 08028304838

I pity those who think Nigeria is indivisible

Your article of December 9, 2016 is a classical thought-provoking analysis of the so-called Ohanaeze Ndigbo and the South East governors. For their failure, the Igbo are marginalised, shortchanged, cheated and trampled upon. I pity those who think Nigeria is indivisible and indissoluble. It is the same way people thought of Soviet Union.  I must say, however, that you are a great thinker. JIN, 08036925729

Continue saying the truth

To be sincere, I love your article of December 9. How I wish there are more people like you who will say the truth without fear or favour. Continue saying the truth, please. God bless you and give you more wisdom. Joe, Enugu 08064243785

You’re also guilty

You are as guilty as today’s Igbo political elite, for your belated expose of the police recruitment fraud. Our inquisitors are always the one to nominate those who represent us and among those fathered by the conquering federal army, from 1967. We had our women in their prime who warmed the federal troops’ trenches during the so-called civil war. Even now, the bests are dropped in favour or our not-too-wells, to ensure that we do not perform better in all national competitions. Igbo, after the war, did not show the cowardice we see among us today. Don Akagbusi, Ibadan, 08069188494

Don’t be afraid

Your article of December 9 is erudite, a masterpiece. Keep it up and do not be afraid. May God bless you. Barr Arinze Obidozie, Anambra State. 08066239893

I wonder the work of Igbo legislators

Your article is considered one of your bests. Over the years, you have consistently devoted your time in championing the fight against all manners of unjust policies in the country. When the issue of cattle herdsmen was raging, you were there. You condemned the brigandage unleashed on Nimbo and Agatu communities in Enugu and Benue states by the same heartless creatures. You came out when some arrested Boko Haram terrorists were brought to Uga prison by the Federal Government to spite the Igbo despite all entreaties to the contrary by Ohanaeze, the apex Igbo cultural group. You wrote against the various lopsided political appointments made so far by the current government. Yes, you are not an elected official, but the mouthpiece of the oppressed.

Sometimes in my quiet times, I struggle to know what actually is the work of Igbo legislators. Were they elected only to wine and dine with the executive and pay unproductive courtesy visit to Aso Villa? It seems they are completely overwhelmed by the lure of their new environment, forgetting they were sent on specific assignment, which is paramount. A lot of manipulations are really going on in this country, but people see them as harmless. Ugobabo Chizoba, 08033500089

Police recruitment violates Federal Character

The exercise as regards police recruitment is a violation of Section 4 (1)(a) of the Federal Character Commission Act. Ekweremadu and Co are busy pretending to effect amendment to the constitution, but there is confusion over the local government areas. Everything about federal involvement in local government affairs should be removed from the constitution, so that section 7(1) would have full effect. 08177010143

Why cry when it’s late?

Why is it that you people always cry when it is over? 08033979791

This is not the first time I have commented on your article. The police recruitment with the South East and South South keeping quiet, while South West protests, shows the latter’s maturity and their civilisation. The North is second to them. Your people and your neighbours are distinguished lame ducks. 08026168834

Southern commentators hypocritical

Why not coordinate southern legislators and the powerful southern media? I find the southern commentators extremely hypocritical. Let’s go our separate ways peacefully. Yusuf Gamma Mshelizzaq, 08036591924

Join crusade on restructuring

Your essay on December 9 is noise to the ears of the owners and rulers of Nigeria. In the words of Karl Marx, everything that ought to be written about Nigeria has been written. The point is to change it. Join the crusade for the restructuring of Nigeria or peaceable dissolution on the basis of self-determination of the ethnic nationalities. OJ Onwe. 08035033723

Our legislators are on comfort zone

Thanks for amplifying my thought on the police recruitment. Our representatives in government will not, as with tradition, raise an eyebrow as far as it does not concern their constituency project funds. Worse still, they will remain in their comfort zones and share among them the slots. Azubike 08035077454

I’ll continue to push for Biafra

I do admire how you champion the affairs of the East. God bless you for that. But bear in mind that the excesses of the North has no bound. Therefore, we, the present ‘Biafra age,’ can never surrender till we get it done this time round. My dad who fought before is behind this idea. Peter, Obosi, 08170740237

This centralised system is huge fraud

Your article on “The coup in police recruitment” is expository. The country is exploitedly structured. No equity and no justice. This centralised system is a huge fraud. Do we blame people calling for self-determination? Thanks for speaking out. Uzo, Onitsha, 08037460829

Re: If US President-elect Trump were Nigerians

Mr. Ukeh, that was a well-articulated piece, as usual. You captured some of my thoughts in an open letter I wrote to the president – Muhammadu Buhari – published a few days ago. Among others things, I wrote: The Nigeria most of your supporters and non-supporters were looking forward to seems to lie years ahead. Some have lost hope and many are fast losing hope. They are saying the current situation on ground wasn’t what they bargained for. They are even questioning their frame of mind when they voted for you. Sir, the truth, which most of those surrounding you in Aso Rock won’t tell you is that, if elections were to be held today, just anybody from anywhere will trounce you. That’s the truth!

Mr. President, this is a rare opportunity presenting itself to you for you to distinguish yourself from politicians as a true leader. Leaders seldom emerge from the ballot box; they emerge from crisis. Leaders are born during crisis! You’ve got to rise and take the bull by the horn. Nigeria is a great country. We have all it takes to be great, but, unfortunately, we don’t take all we have to become great. The men you need in order to fix this mess are in the North and in the South, in your party and other parties, among your friends and among your ‘foes’ (Donald Trump, the President-elect of the United States recognises this). National interest should over ride personal feelings, Sir. One of the hallmarks of a leader is placing national interest over personal feelings.

– Kaduru Uche  

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