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‘Old and young smoking together unnerved me’

Recent travel

I travelled to the UK in September 2016 in the company of my son for holiday. I have previously travelled with my son when he was much younger, but on this trip, the 16-year-old pummeled me with several questions on nature, growth and career while we are in the air on the way to London. It was a memorable experience. I visited interesting tourist places with my son. The downside of the travel was the huge amount of naira Nigerians pay to travel abroad contrary because of lack of the country’s national carrier.

First travel out of Nigeria

My first travel was with my wife in 1997, to Holland and later to London. It was a holiday trip. Quite an experience. The experience of travelling abroad for the first time with a young wife on holidays is unforgettable.

Favourite city

Though I have travelled to several cities, my favourite city is London––for its hospitality, organised transport system, tourism and shopping outlets.

Favourite street abroad

That is Oxford Street, London

Meals abroad

Nothing can replace Nigerian meals and delicacies. Whenever I am in London, I spend time at Lagos Island Restaurant, owned by my friend at Leabridge Road, E10 London. That is where I enjoy all Nigerian local delicacies.

Lessons from travels

Travel is part of Education and contributes significantly to knowledge.

Travel advice

Plan you ahead of time to cut cost.

Ideal travel companion

I love to travel with my family.

Unforgettable monuments

The British Parliament and the Big Ben.

Unforgettable moment

Being abroad and hearing that my wife lost her 20 months old pregnancy in Nigeria.

Essential travel tools

Body care tools, personal effects, reading material, laptop, Android devices, flash drive and backup, office links.

Best hotels

Marriot Gatwick.

Favourite pastime abroad

Shopping and visiting places of interest.

Most profound culture shock experience

Seeing both young and old, man and woman compete for smoking.

Eluma is a member of the governing council of Yaba College of Technology, Yaba, Lagos, chairman of Elchem Limited and founder, Industry Incubators Ltd. He is a director of Mgbidi Microfinance Bank and holds the traditional chieftaincy title of Okpuzu Mgbibi.  He has published and co-authored several academic journals.



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