Musa Jibril

Due to the current worldwide pandemic,  global and local regulations have put eateries under restrictions that preclude  dine-in services. Presently, drive-bys and takeaways have become the norm, from roadside buka to franchise restaurants and fast-food chains. In the past few weeks, high-end food outlets in Lagos have ramped up their home deliveries of gourmet meals and delicacies. 

Here is TIMEOUT review of five of the best Lagos’ delivery restaurants:

1. Cactus Restaurant

Cactus, a family-friendly restaurant located in Maroko Bayshore, is known for a menu that is diverse, delicious and entirely homemade. Its outdoor lagoonside sitting area, as well as playground for children, makes it a great rendezvous for a group meetup and for kids’ leisure. Unfortunately, that luxury is difficult to savour presently.

The options on the table are delivery and take-away.

The farrago of treats available in this foodie’s haven include burgers, cakes, chicken, pastries, pizza, seafood, steak, salad and sandwiches.

Best order: Try Cuban steak sandwich––a short name for deliciously marinated shredded steak served in a long soft milk bread with grilled onions and crispy matchstick fries and a side of coleslaw––or Cactus prawns, which is grilled prawns in a garlic cheese sauce.

2. Bungalow restaurant

In the good old days before the advent of COVID-19, Bungalow is the place to go when you want something exquisite for your palate. The cuisine is Japanese, Mexican and continental. It is a restaurant

That best suits this present world order. Its website is emblazoned with two dominant messages: “order online”  and “food delivered to your doorstep.”

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Best order: Japanese mixed seafood soup of salmon, calamari and crab, or Yakisoba noodle – fried noodles served with vegetables and a choice of chicken, beef or prawns.

3. The Yellow Chilli

Before the arrival of coronavirus and its consequential lockdown, The Yellow Chilli, an upscale restaurant at 27, Oju Olobun Close, Off Bishop Oluwole Street, Victoria Island, is best known for late-night food, great cocktails and a cosy aftermath. It is a provider of  ethnic cuisine and continental dishes.

Best order: Seafood okro, comprising diced okro, fish, shrimps and prawns in a rich broth or  Otong soup ( a blend of diced okro and ogbono combined with Ugu leaves) with pounded yam.

4. Jevinik restaurant

Mouthwatering African dishes and Calabar soups? That is Jevinik special area. By the way, who says you can’t get the treat right inside your home?

Best order: Fisherman soup or Native soup (with plenty periwinkle) and semovita.

5. Jamski

Jamski specializes in a variety of Jamaican foods including the very popular patties, jerk chicken, oxtail and curry goat. What it offers is “100% authentic Jamaican food, 100% of the time.”

Its monthly reggae jamming is presently on hold. But its mouth-watering offerings can be ordered by phone.

Best Order: Brown stew pork or saltfish with cabbage.