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China restates commitment to peaceful relations with US

The Government of the People’s Republic of China (PRC), on Thursday, restated its commitment to strengthening peaceful diplomatic relations with the US Government, in the years ahead.

Director-General of the Information Department of China’s Foreign Affairs Ministry, Mr Lu Kang, told Journalists at a news conference in Beijing, China that the Chinese government was set to expand its win-win cooperation with the US Government and the American people.

“We are set to expand our cooperation with the United States. We hope to work with the US to expand our practical collaboration and the win-win cooperation, to strengthen China and US relations, in the years ahead.

“China is working to maintain contacts with all parties, including the US, and all nationalities must collaborate effectively to de-escalate tension and live as friends.

“Let me say that China’s position has been very clear with the United States and other nations. We, therefore, would welcome all those committed to promoting U.S./China relations,’’ he said.

Lu said that the Chinese Government was not prepared to engage in any showdown with North Korea over the boundary issue, but would want India and North Korea to de-escalate tension with China.

According to him, it is no longer pleasant for any country or government to want to start any form of tension, because of the possible consequences from such developments.

“We all must try to de-escalate anything that could possibly lead to crisis between us. We do not pray for conflicts or war, because once war starts, the consequences could go out of control.

“All countries should, therefore, be committed to promoting regional peace with their neighbours,’’ he said.

Lu urged the media to desist from escalating issues between communities and countries of the world with their reports, but should rather use their professional competencies to promote peace nationally and internationally. (NAN)


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