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BEING A DAD : Why you should nurture your child’s talents early

Many parents have dreams about what their children should look like as adults and what their careers should be. Sometimes, it is difficult for parents to find a balance between having expectations and wishing their children the best in all they do.

As parents, setting standards for your children based on vision but not on reality and abilities would only create an area of pressure. This is because, not being able to meet your standards will cause a line of frustrations for your children, and that’s something you definitely don’t want to do.

Every parent should create a healthy environment for the child to grow and develop healthily. But that’s not the only thing they should do. Helping the children to discover their talents should be on the top of every parent’s priority list, and here’s why.

For your children to develop their talents early in life, ensure a support and loving environment. I know you want your children to excel in every area of their lives but you won’t be able to do anything right if you press your aspirations onto them. If you manage to find a healthy approach that is pressure-free in order to learn more about your child’s natural abilities, you will create a very supportive environment for them.

This is the part when you should play the detective a bit – your child may show affinities toward an area of art for example, but you should be aware of the fact they won’t be able to create a master-piece right away. So, your job is to notice their areas of interests and talents, and continue to direct them the right way.

Give your children major confidence boost every opportunity you get. Children have issues with confidence because everything they encounter requires from them to go through a learning process. If you do manage to discover a talent of theirs at an early age, your children will be aware of the fact they are good at something, perhaps, even before they start school. Something like this will make them feel reassured about their skills, which is a great confidence-booster.

Focus on skill development.The most efficient way to discover your kid’s talents is to expose them to activities.You can enable them to explore their space by giving them a ball to play with, or equip them with colouring books and see if their talents are perhaps, connected to painting. On the other hand,  you can play certain music and allow them express their vocal skills. You will help him or her develop a whole set of skills at an early age while working on discovering their talents.

As your child grows, they will be able to focus on their interests for one simple reason – because they are aware of them. Many kids wander around until secondary school, and some continue to dwell on their choice of career even after that. You will be able to prevent this kind of delay and waste of time if you help them to figure out what they can do.

Your children are the biggest investment you will ever make. Raising a child is difficult, especially in this modern age. Invest in your children’s upbringing. After all, your child is the most important investment you’ll ever make – at least that’s one way of looking at it.

The only thing you need to remember about this is not to force your child to do anything but you shouldn’t allow them to quit. If they give you good reasons why they don’t want to be involved in particular activities, give them room to continue with their exploration. Encourage them to do better in areas where they are talented and early too.


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