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A resounding statement against political criminals 

By Simeon Nwakaudu 

In today’s Nigeria, the APC has so mutilated the definition of corruption to the level that nobody knows the true  meaning of the word. Right before our eyes, the APC Federal Government  has upgraded corruption  to levels unimaginable. They have turned our security  services into agents of political and social corruption.  Men and women  who freely dispense evil and tragedy. 

Rivers State has therefore become their theatre of political corruption.  This  is where they focus their attention to kill, steal, maim, rape and destabilise  the people, all in their bid to steal the mandate of the  people.  This state is where the APC Federal Government daily commits crime against humanity with impunity.  

The essence of the APC Federal Government’s  Political Corruption in Rivers State  is captured in the National Chairman’s Statement  on February 4, 2016 after the election of Governor Wike was validated  by the Supreme Court. John Odigie-Oyegun shamelessly declared: “We have lost very important resource-rich states to the PDP. No matter how crude oil prices have fallen, it is still the most important revenue earner for the country.”

To the APC, Rivers State is just a fishing ground.  A source of cheap funds for the sponsorship  of elections, lining up of pockets and the centre  for the massage  of over-bloated political egos. Rivers State  is not qualified  to get projects  or juicy appointments.  Not even the mere patching of existing Federal roads. Federal Power  plants  are sold in shady deals , same way as indicted immediate past Rivers State Governor, Rotimi Amaechi sold state assets  built  by his predecessor. 

Indeed, the APC Federal Government fights corruption  everywhere, but shies away  from prosecuting  the indicted immediate past Rivers State Governor, Rotimi Amaechi because  his indictment touches on the  very soul of the APC.  Several Billions of Rivers funds were used to finance  the APC elected officials  at all  levels.  This much,  APC leaders confessed during the ill-fated 52nd Birthday of Rotimi Amaechi.

It is on the premise of APC’s glutinous craving for Rivers State  that the regular defence of the state has become not only relevant, but urgent. Few weeks ago, the embattled Minister of Transportation with no development  imprints  in Rivers State since 2015 , was reported  to have released over N200million for  online and traditional media propaganda against Governor Wike and Rivers State.  He also reportedly  released another N300million for phantom  defection  rallies. These funds siphoned  from the coffers of Rivers State  will be of no effect as the people are with Governor Wike.

Rivers declaration  for governor Wike

The funded invasions of Rivers State  by security forces, plotting the rigging of the 2019 General Elections have alerted the youths  of the state on the need to make a public declaration  that they stand by the PDP and Governor Wike. 

Therefore, the Walk4Wike Season 2 was a veritable  platform for the youths of Rivers State to prove their support for a performing governor.  A governor  who has transformed  Rivers State  and made it a huge construction site.  A state  with a robust and functional  economy, even in the face of national  economic  stagnation. . 

On Wednesday, September 6, 2017, several thousands of Rivers Youths came out on their own volition to set the records straight and pass the right message to the world–that Rivers State  is PDP and that the people love Governor Wike. 

Like in the days of Prophet Samuel, the natural elements bore testimony of the achievements  of Governor Wike.  The rains stood still and allowed Rivers youths to trek for four kilometres.  The weather was  clement. Few days earlier, the APC Federal Government sponsored a walk for Buhari and Rivers people failed to turn up. Even the few that made it to the field were dispersed by a torrential rain of that day. 

The 4-kilometre  Walk4Wike Season 2,  took off from the Port Harcourt Pleasure Park through the length of Aba Road and terminated at the Government House, Port Harcourt.

 In the course of the long trek, the youths shared handbooks, DVDs containing Governor Wike’s achievements and sang pro-Wike campaign  songs to further sell the governor to the people.

The walk which was coordinated by D-Source Connect Group, had endorsements and participation  from hundreds  of social media and civil society groups .

Speaking after the Walk, Convener of the Walk4Wike Season 2, Barrister Vincent Dike Amadi declared  that Rivers youths resolved  to stage  walk as a way of telling the international  community and other  Nigerians  that the people were in full support of Governor Wike. 

Amadi said: “The youths of Rivers State have come to say that come 2019, Governor Wike should present himself  for a second term.  “We will March across the 23 Local Government Areas to promote the candidature of Governor Wike and to ensure that he wins in 2019”.

Appreciation of WALK4WIKE by Rivers stakeholders 

Even though Walk4Wike Season Two  was organised  by youths under the platform of D-Source Connect Group, major stakeholders  participated in the exercise.  

All the stakeholders  who participated  in Walk4Wike were happy that Governor Wike  has improved the fortunes of the state, hence he deserves the support to lead the state till 2023.

Mr.  Chiboso Awholor, Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Financial Matters said the Walk4Wike is showcasing to the world that Rivers people  believe  in Governor Wike.  According to him, the walk is an encouragement to the governor  to sustain his development agenda.  An official of the Port Harcourt City Local Government Area, Israel Wobo said:” The Walk4Wike is to notify Governor Wike  on time to get prepared for a 2nd tenure”.

A commissioner  in the Rivers State Government, Mr Emma Okah said the essence of the work is to emphasise  that the people of Rivers State are in solidarity with the Rivers State Governor.  He noted that it is a vote of confidence and a recognition of the Governor’s good performance in office. 

 Chief  Aribetonye Okiri captured  the relevance of Walk4Wike thus:   “Essentially, what you see today is a  spontaneous demonstration of the acceptance of Governor Wike  as a leader who has improved  the living condition of the people”.

Caretaker Committee Chairman of Ikwerre Local Government Area, Mr Anselm Oguguo said that the people of the state will support the governor to attain a second term because  the state deserves development. 

Member of the House of Representatives, Mr Ken Chikere said that the walk is an endorsement  of the performance of Governor Wike. 

Commitment to further development 

One of the positive outcomes of the Walk4Wike Season Two  was the commitment by the Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike that he will continue  to roll out development projects  for the good of the people of the state. 

Speaking  through his  deputy, Dr Mrs Ipalibo Harry Banigo, Governor Wike  appreciated the walk, which he said is an encouragement to do more for the people. 

Governor Wike said: “In Rivers State, since 2015, we have had purposeful  leadership.  We don’t care what happens at the centre.  We are focused on developing  Rivers State.  You can see the projects being executed and the people are being carried along “. The governor  said that institutions  have been strengthened , leading to economic and social growth across  the state.

Message to political criminals 

Those who hide under the guise of fighting corruption to perpetrate political  theft , have been told that they will not succeed in Rivers State. 

The Walk4Wike Season Two was the beginning  of a march to resist electoral fraudsters in whatever form they present themselves. The walk is a symbolic affirmation that power belongs to the people.

It is a powerful statement that the people of Rivers State are appreciative  of the achievements  of Governor Wike and the governor’s commitment  to state-wide development. 

The Political criminals may roll out their military  tanks and propaganda weapons of treachery, but Rivers people will overcome .Most importantly, Governor Wike will continue to deliver pro-people projects for the good of the state. 


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