Today, there are millions of people who look for educational and entertaining content on YouTube. Over 40,000 creators are now calling YouTube channels their full-time career option. One such popular YouTube channel is ‘Catch Em All Fishing’ run by its creator Zak Catchem. Here, he shares his personal experiences and lists the 5 most rewarding aspects of being a YouTuber.

1. One creator inspires hundreds

Having inspired nearly all YouTube channels in South Florida on the topic of fishing, Zak Catchem is considered the pioneer of shore-based fishing. He says, “I feel lucky that my YouTube channel has inspired many more to share their stories.”

2. The support and love of millions

Today, Zak’s channel has 3.37 million subscribers. For him, waking up to the supportive comments and love of his YouTube community every day is truly one of the most fulfilling aspects of the job.

3. Total financial independence

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An undeniable aspect of running a successful YouTube channel is the compensation through advertisements, affiliates, merchandise, and other social media. “I take great pride in saying my career helped my mother retire early,” Zak mentions.

4. An open door of opportunities

Since his success online, Zak has guest-starred in many popular TV shows, including three seasons of Louisiana’s Swamp People. He has also released his own merchandise and is even working on creating his own TV show.

5. Cultivate a unified sense of awareness

Zak started creating fun videos to bring awareness that fishing was more than just an old man’s hobby. Through his videos, he shows how it’s a fun learning and bonding adventure for people of all ages while sharing real footage of incredible aquatic species.

“My passion is now my job, it’s the most rewarding feeling there is,” Zak Catchem concludes.