By Chinelo Obogo

Larry Azukaego also known as Larry Zuka on stage, has said it not always expidient to create music out of misery and suffering.

The Bachelor of Arts graduate who is based in the United States music is fun and that he derives joy from doing it.

“I am not one of those that believe that the music industry is not profitable. As a matter of fact, this is the best the Nigerian music industry has ever had. It has never been this good. If you are a good musician and you know your onions, and you know what you are doing, all you need to do is to practice and rehearse regularly, then go out there. There are lots of clubs and occasions where one can fix himself in. You get to have a good manager and you make a living from it

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“My choice of being in the US is because it has better facilities and the quality of life here is better than that of Nigeria. It gives you a better ambience to create. You look at things around you and you don’t have to create music out of misery or suffering. You don’t have to create music out of frustration. It is like that here because you see the beautiful gift of nature God has given to man. It also reflects in the kind of things you put out. You don’t just have to do it because you need to do it to be able to eat. If you create music from that standpoint of seeing things from within you and getting it out for people to see, it gets better. I left Nigeria when music was not given attention, a kind of not being profitable but it is not the same here. However, I always come around to Nigeria,” he said.

Speaking on his brand of music, he said: “My kind of music is Afro Folk Rock because I am an African. I tell stories with my songs. I try to reflect what happens around me. I also try to tell the story each and every one of you have in your heart. I represent you and bring it out for people to hear and enjoy. Here, they classify it as Afrobeat and I don’t mind.

“Good music is good music. It is just like wine. As it gets older, my music gets better. My message for the youths is that they should do music because they are very passionate about it. Music is a very jealous profession. If you are not very sure that you want to do music, please don’t do music. If you have to do music, give it all you have. They need to practice regularly.”