From Lateef Dada, Osogbo

Rising afro beats singer Aghaonu Chukwuebuka Angelo, popularly known as Angelo BB, says that Nigeria’s music industry in is such that anything can lead to stardom, including bad comments on social media.

The up-and-coming star says that he doesn’t mind the bad comments route to fame, so long as the music is his main focus, but would rather ignore social media negativities.

He observed that to be a star artist is not easy but if anyone tries to get his attention through blackmail, they won’t get it.

“Nigerians love lists, people will talk no matter how hard you try to prevent it and negative comments sometimes promote artists in disguise,” he said.

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“My main focus is my music, not the bad comments from people because I understand that not everyone will be your fan or support you but I don’t think I can be moved by bad comments. I will appreciate it because, in this Nigerian music industry, anything can make you a star. I have suffered in this industry so I don’t mind being ushered to stardom through bad comments.”

Speaking about his role model, he said, “I can’t say but to be honest, I love all Nigerian artists, they are doing great. It is not easy at all.

“As an upcoming artist, I am facing a lot of challenges. Can you imagine paying so much to record and produce a track and then still paying to perform the same song for people? You can’t succeed in this industry if you don’t have money. To stop all these, we need to work together. We rise by lifting others not by mouth, we need to practice it.

“Music heals my body and spirit, I have produced 7 tracks including Omalicha, Yes oh, and others. I started writing songs with my exercise book at the age of 13 when I was staying with my uncle at Fegge Onitsha l, Anambra state before I moved to Lagos in 2018.

“I love music and I love all Nigerian artists. My mum loves music but she was scared of me being a music artist because she thought I may go astray. Regardless, music makes me happy,” he added.