By Billy Graham Abel, Yola

Catholic Bishop of Yola Diocese Dami Mamza has urged the media to prioritise objectivity, fairness, and unbiased reporting, recognising their crucial role in fostering unity, shaping society, and maintaining peace during challenging times.

He acknowledged the challenges faced by the media, particularly in the age of advancing technology where Artificial Intelligence (AI), while valuable, cannot replace human interaction. Mamza emphasised the importance of maintaining human communication, as no machine can truly demonstrate empathy and compassion.

Bishop Mamza made these remarks during the World Communication Day celebration at St Augustine’s Catholic Church in Yola. His address, titled “Artificial Intelligence and The Wisdom of the Heart Towards a Fully Human Communication,” highlighted the critical role of human communication despite the advancements in AI.

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He urged the media to be vigilant against divisive elements within the political arena who might attempt to manipulate the media for personal gain, spreading confusion among the public. He encouraged continued collaboration between the media and the Church to further its mission.

Bishop Mamza expressed gratitude for the media’s contributions, acknowledging the sacrifices made by journalists in reporting on dangerous situations across the country. He offered prayers for the media to continue fulfilling their vital role in informing the world.

He also called upon Christians to resist any attempts to sow division, working instead towards achieving Christ’s desire for unity among his followers.