Yemen’s Houthi rebels said they launched multiple bomb-laden drone attacks on Saturday on an oil refinery of Saudi Aramco, the Saudi Arabian Oil Company, Houthi-run al-Masirah TV reports.

“Ten drones carried out the attacks against al-Shibah oil refinery of Saudi Aramco in the eastern part of the kingdom,” the television said.

It described the incursion as “the biggest attack” against Saudi Arabia since the start of war.

Saudi Arabia has yet to confirm the alleged attack.

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The Houthis have recently stepped up drone attacks on Saudi Arabia, but most of the drones were intercepted by the kingdom’s air defense systems.

In May, a Houthi drone attack damaged two oil pump stations of Saudi Aramco, according to the Saudi authorities.

Saudi Arabia has been leading an Arab military coalition against Iran-allied Houthis in Yemen for more than four years in support of the exiled internationally-recognised government of Yemeni President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi. (Xinhua/NAN)