Adeshola Alebiosu has excitedly announced the launch of the Yangaplug virtual dollar card,  Yangaplug is poised to revolutionize cross-border payment solutions for businesses and individuals.

Geographical boundaries are no longer a hindrance, as this innovative virtual card allows you to make purchases, renew subscriptions from websites and merchants worldwide.

According to Alebiosu, the the Card is a pre-funded Visa & Master virtual dollar card, which can be funded with naira.

That means, no need to possess dollars upfront; one can effortlessly exchange naira for dollars to create the card.

Listing the key benefits of Yanga Card, the Tech Guru said:

“1. Global Acceptance: As a business owner, the need to pay for various services from Zoom subscriptions to AWS and more is constant. The Card is universally accepted on nearly all platforms that welcome Visa & Master cards.

2. Unlimited Spending: Say goodbye to the limitations imposed by traditional banks with their $20 or $100 card restrictions. The Yanga Card empowers you to spend globally without constraints.

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3. Security: At Yanga, security is paramount. We uphold stringent standards, being PCI-DSS and KYC compliant, ensuring the utmost protection against fraudulent transactions.

Are there any associated charges for Yanga Card?

– Card Creation Fee: To create a Card, a one-time fee of $5 is applicable. The minimum initial card funding is $5.00

– Card Funding Fee: For subsequent card funding post-creation, there will be no charges or deduction at the point of the transaction.

– Maintenance Fee: There will be zero monthly fee, We ensure the continuous optimal performance and security of your card.

– Insufficient Fund Fee: There will be zero fee incurred for each payment attempt with insufficient funds. After five unsuccessful attempts, the card is terminated, and the balance is returned to your wallet at the current withdrawal rate. Avoid this fee by ensuring sufficient funds for one-time or recurring transactions.”

Yangaplug is now available for download on both iOS and Android devices.