X3M Ideas, a leading full-service marketing communications agency, has launched an album titled, ‘The Xperiment’.

The album, produced by music connoisseur and CEO, X3M Ideas, Steve Babaeko, was released on Friday January 27, 2023.

A project to celebrate the company’s 10th year in business, the music album was created by staff of X3M Ideas, and is the first body of work in Nigeria featuring only employees of a creative agency.

The Xperiment resonates with the collective creativity of X3M Ideas Group and its long term relationship with the Nigerian music scene. X3M Music, a record label founded by Steve Babaeko has produced a broad range of artists especially in the alternative music genre such as Praiz, Simi, Sammy, and D’Truce.

The All-Staff album consists of eight songs and no fewer than five videos had been shot from the project. These  include “Tanana”, “Soco,” “Cypher,” “Flex,” and “Broken No More.” The songs and music videos would be syndicated across various entertainment platforms for streaming and downloads.

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Speaking on the project, Babaeko reveals how the production of The Xperiment album highlights the team’s drive to always push the envelope of creativity.

“The Xperiment album is proof that our workplace at X3M Ideas is not built on cold efficiency. The album is a product of teamwork, collaboration and a show of versatility.

“We have a work-play culture which brings out the best in the team. At 10, X3M is brewing with innovative ideas that will change the practice of advertising across borders,” he said.

Executive Creative Director, Mike Miller, adds: “Everyone on the project has a day job as an advertising person; copywriter, art director, brand manager, digital strategist and media strategist, among others. It was fascinating to see how focused they were on creatively linking their ideas and thoughts together, and most importantly, having fun.

“Flex was the first song created and it was good. We loved it and from there, one song became an album of five songs, which then became an album.”