A firm, ‘The Brief Essentials’ has declared its commitment to gender equality.

The chief executive officer, Seun Tayo-Balogun, made the remark on women’s day, noting that this year’s theme, “Inspire Inclusion,” goes beyond just gender equality. 

Tayo-Balogun said equal pay, job opportunities, and education are essential, but inclusion also means celebrating the incredible diversity within genders, too.

“Take body image, for example. Society loves to dictate what a woman’s body ‘should’ look like, leaving many feelings excluded. 

Brief Essentials deals in a line of shapewear designed to enhance your natural silhouette with unmatched comfort and style.

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“At Brief Essentials, we believe that’s simply not true. Everybody is beautiful, in all its shapes and forms. That’s why we offer a variety of styles and an extensive range of sizes to flatter every figure.”

She said this women’s month is a celebration of “You and Every Body Included.””

She noted that for over 13 years, “we’ve delivered quality, comfort, and confidence to women across Nigeria. “This dedication extends to our new PowerSculpt Collection, featuring shapewear for every occasion that effortlessly flatters your unique shape.

We further champion inclusivity with the “BriefEssentialsYou” campaign, launched in 2018. It’s all about shattering narrow beauty standards and empowering women to love the bodies they have. The body that carries you towards your dreams deserves to be celebrated.