This January the 15th is a sad day! I lost my Uncle, my Mom’s younger brother to the cold hands of death. I am truly not in the mood to have a frolicking time. He was sick and when we thought he was improving his health suddenly deeped and the next minute we heard he was on oxygen and now he’s gone. It’s truly heart wrenching. I am devastated.

Again I ask myself, why do bad things happen to good people? I guess there are some answers we may never truly know until we come face to face with our Maker. The month to me seems to be in a hurry or am I imagining it? Today is the Art Exhibition and Jasmine is on her way to my house. Try as I would I could not avoid it. Jasmine went on and on about our friendship and how important it is to keep that bond.

She feels I am too ‘judgy’ and that it is Bola’s life and so her decision to do as she pleases. I have never seen myself as ‘miss goody two shoes’, God knows I am not a saint but it’s not easy for me to go against what I have strong convictions about. I often wonder how some ladies feel, being the other woman.

Is it circumstantial? Or just out right greed, wanting what doesn’t belong to you? Why will any woman set her sights on a man that is already taken? I often wonder what if the shoe were to be on the other foot, will they be so understanding or accommodating? I am yet to meet a woman who is ok with sharing her man. Not even those whose religion permits it are comfortable with doing that! Let’s not deceive ourselves; women are just as territorial as men when it comes to what belongs to them especially their men. I worry about Bola even if it may not appear so. I worry about if her lover’s wife decides to ‘do something’; it is dangerous to hang around a married man, anything can happen.

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From ‘acid baths’ to ‘arranged deaths’, anything is possible. Anyways worrying about it, won’t change a thing, its best I try to make Bola see the error of her way. “Soliloquising? I have been standing here for ages,” Jasmine said with a smile as she took a striking pose at the entrance to my room. “How long have you been standing there Jaz,” I asked in surprise. She shrugged and said not for long. We got to the venue and Jasmine went off to find Bola. I looked around the tastefully furnished room and the beautiful Paintings in strategic spots around the room. The environment was serene and soothing with a handful of gorgeously dressed men and women. I thought Art people were boring but this people looked anything but… Just as I turned to pick a drink, there stood Sotonye, Rick’s Babymama! Fancy meeting her here, I wanted to escape but she wasn’t going to have any of that.

She is going to try and rub in the fact that she spent her Christmas with Rick, that I was certain of. “Hey Tobs, nice seeing you here she said sweetly eyes far from friendly, Rick and I just got back (who asked her!) from our holiday,” she said sweetly, eyes flashing hostility. “Welcome back,” I said icily, when all I really wanted to say was, ‘and so, how does that concern me?’ We were like two bulls in a ring, sizing up each other. “Did Grandma invite you to the House Party coming up next weekend?” My tormentor continued relentlessly. Rick’s Grandma did not tell me nor invite me but hell will freeze over before I admit that to Sotonye. “Oh I am aware but might not be able to make it,” I lied acting disinterested.

I wasn’t going to admit anything to this shameless hussy. “Hey Tobs I’ve been looking for you everywhere, guess who is here?” Jasmine asked excitedly. I already knew, a tortoise does not move about without its shell, who else if not…. “Hello Tobs,” I heard the all too familiar baritone voice of Rick