A court in Germany on Thursday sentenced a woman to three years in prison for attempting to poison herself and her two daughters when she became despondent about her life in 2017.

“We don’t take this step lightly, but we have to stick to the law. What you did was attempted murder,’’ a judge told the 27-year-old woman, who had been charged with aggravated assault.

The woman had put together a potentially deadly cocktail of lemonade and painkillers for herself and her daughters, aged 2 and 4.

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She was reportedly upset that she had neither a job, a husband, nor a permanent residence.

All three of them were discovered before the poison could work after the woman’s estranged husband called the police and notified them.

Prosecutors had called for almost the minimum sentence, three years, while defence lawyers had said she should only get two years of probation.

Media report said she has a week to appeal the case.