RA Management NYC, the management body of photography artist, Aize Muhammed Paul, is collaborating with Alliance Francaise on its 4th Imagery and Visual Exhibition.

Tagged: ‘Eren Oghe Okhaza – Ekp Oghe ule Obaba’ (a safe place to find purpose for your story), Aize describes the exhibition as a means to create a sustainable channel for the artist and the market.

According to him, 59 physical and VR images would be showcased at the two-day private and public exhibition coming up later this month.

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“To put the art out there, it’s about the art for me. The idea for my art is to create a sustainable channel for both artist and the market. So, the idea is going across Africa, shooting black people and interpreting it into art; and selling it to people and giving part of the funds back to the people,” he disclosed.

On his journey thus far, Aize said: “I shot my first series during the lockdown and it’s been a glide ever since. Although, I already experimented with fashion photography but capturing humans for humanity is certainly one of my life purpose. Having art pioneers like Nicholas Logsdale, Caroline De Beaufort, Katie Barker and few others approve of my works, definitely brought a different sense of purpose to my journey as a photography artist.”