Founder/General Overseer, World Evangelism Inc.,WEBIC, Prophet Samson Ayorinde, recently reeled out what his church has done so far in the first quarter of this year.


“You will recall in the corporate world, every serious entity doesn’t joke with retraining of staff to prepare them to achieve results in the year. These retreats usually enhance improved productivity and the economy of the company. The church cannot ignore the importance of retraining the ministers of God in a bid to enhance the delivery of the word and win more souls.

WEBIC keyed into this important policy by arranging series of retreats for our leaders in the ministry. We segmented the groups into three. The first group are the pastors, evangelists, assistant evangelists, ushers, deacons and deaconesses among others. We grouped them under Soldiers of Christ. The participants were thought new methods to improve their service delivery. The Resource Persons were drawn from within and outside WEBIC.

The second group comprised our women who we call Achieving Ladies. The retreat was coordinated by the Visioner, who is also my wife and co-Founder, Prophetess Mercy Ayorinde, National President of Achieving Ladies, Deaconess Maureen Omokhiomon and Guest Speaker Rev.(Mrs) Ngozi Igbokwe. The event lasted one day. But the retreat for the ministers was held in two separate days.

“The third group for retreat is the church youth. They spent a whole day being grilled on leadership lessons and how to be God’s children. The retreat was handled by my wife, Prophetess the Resident Pastor, Rev.Harold Chinnoyerem and a Resource Person, Prof.(Mrs) Kemi Ishola.


WEBIC is known for evangelism. The COVID that ravaged the world in 2020 forced us to suspend crusades. With the pandemic over, we intend to bring it after the rainy season this year. But before then, we have reactivated our radio programme. Lately, WEBIC is back and big.

WEBIC college  

“The Gideonite Theological College is preparing students from within and outside WEBIC for pastors .Those who passed the examination will be ordained during our convention later this year. The college also has its online programme for students who can’t attend classes physically.


Kidnapping in Nigeria

I believe if the governors and the National Assembly can get their acts together and set up state police which had been approved in principle, incidents of rampant abduction would reduce drastically. I learned that only 16 governors out of 36 have sent their input. Ideally setting up state police is a constitutional issue that should be handled by the National Assembly. I fear some delay tactics being employed somewhere to delay the formation of state police which will assist communities curb crimes.

Related News

“ I commend President Bola Tinubu and the Kaduna State Governor Uba Sani for the release of secondary students abducted by some terrorists early this month. “

Fuel prices

The Federal Government should encourage establishment of more private refineries to reduce prices and ease the burden on Nigerians. Afterall,the refineries don’t have to pay for shipping fuel into the country. 

Naira value

“The Central Bank of Nigeria is getting it right in its efforts to stop the free fall of the national currency. It should also identify more loopholes being exploited by speculators. The naira is affecting negatively prices of goods and services in the country. If the naira is stable and value is high against the dollar the burden on consumers will ease.


Without mincing words, food prices are outrageous now. I feel for the masses who are finding it extremely hard to feed. For a country like Nigeria it shouldn’t be, considering that before we discovered oil, agriculture was the mainstay of our economy. Every region in pre-independence specialised in special crops. Just recently, the Niger State Government launched hundreds of tractors to be hired by farmers. This gesture is commendable. Sharing food palliative is not the way out of our food crisis. Besides, many deaths are being recorded as a result of stampede by the people..

What FG should do

“We know that the situation had been very precarious for a very long time and many people didn’t want to take the bull by the horns. I want to appreciate Nigerians for our resilience, tolerance and forbearance. Nigeria has one of the most fertile soils on earth and we are yet to cultivate 60 to 70 per cent of it. Nigeria can feed the world. It is bigger than Ukraine. Our soil is better than Ukraine’s soil, you can see the volume of grains coming from that country. The population of Ukraine is about 40 million while Nigeria’s is 200 million

“We need to bring in heavy machinery to promote mechanised farming. Once there’s greater supply and demand remains the same, prices will crash. We have lots of sunshine that will power our machines.

Easter message 

The death of Jesus Christ is real, considering a recent discovery of a pool of blood on the Mercy Seat of the Ark of Covenant under the rock in a cave not far from Golgotha where Jesus was killed more than 2,000 years ago. The blood didn’t freeze. Jesus is the son of God. Jesus died, buried and resurrected the third day. He rose up and never to die again. I urge Nigerians to embrace Christ and call on him for divine intervention.