Turkey based Nigerian Instagram comedian and skit maker, Wemimo Iyiola Samson aka Linomrlion has said that the ban recently placed on Twitter will not have much effect on the comedy industry. 

Recall that the federal government announced that it has suspended the microblogging platform indefinitely.

Linomrlion who expressses distaste on the ban said although he has been unable to communicate with some of his fans due to the ban but it will not be very effective in the industry where he belongs.

“Twitter ban is one of the many human rights’ errors made by the present administration. The denial of the freedom of expression is a fundamental human right challenge that Nigerians are presently facing. The issue between the federal government and twitter could have been amicably resolved without resulting into an outright ban”, said Linomrlion.

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“Honestly, it’s not a good thing to be restricted from what one once had an unlimited access to. Can’t get comments from my Nigerian fans through twitter. By and large, the availability alternatives is the reason the effect is not devastating. Let’s just hope the Nigerian government doesn’t ban the other ones we are banking on.

“Twitter is one of the social media handles used to propagate all sort of views, information, and comedy is not left out. With Twitter ban, the effect will not be tremendous on comedy because it is more of an audio-visual communication. However, the hashtags and other identities portrayed by twitter will surely be missed by the comedy industry”.

Speaking further, Lino said the ban will however create opportunities for tech entrepreneurs to build alternative apps.

“Well, it’s an opportunity for other less-recognised platforms to come to limelight. I will be happy to see an indigenous app taking the place of twitter in Nigeria. Let’s hope that our tech gurus are working hard to achieve this. Who knows, a newbie can meet his own breakthrough through Twitter ban”.