Adeleye Omotolani popularly known as COLDHELL has highlighted why upcoming and established musical talent continue to vanish in country. The Nigerian based Afro-beat singer and songwriter is surely a dynamic talent that needs to be on your radar. His blend of Nigerian and contemporary influences which he channels into his unique sound has earned him a place in the frontline of artists. According to him, his nickname’s meaning was embedded in a single word expressing what life gives. Cold for when life is easy on a rollercoaster while hell for the complete opposite.
Regardless of the fact that the Nigerian music industry has grown rather vibrant over the years, Coldhell thinks the country can help these music businesses do far better than having a small number of artists that are truly themselves. He noted that while the popular performers are constantly trending, a lot of real talents are not being noticed. “The music industry is very wide and continuously growing everyday with lot of challenges and a few people trying to feed on new artists claiming to help them. This ‘help’ does nothing tangible but always serves as a setback to the upcoming and independent artists. The country alone is a huge challenge because nothing helps upcoming and independent artist like us in the industry and this highlights the reason why lot of talents are wasted”, he stated.
Coldhell believes his music carries a lot of message because he has a lot in him which wants to be shared to others. He also wants to tell the stories of those who don’t have the voice or of people whose voice are not heard. In his words: “I want to give hope to people who believe all is lost and make the sorrowful joyous once again. I’m always inspired by almost everything, especially the music I listen to. It makes me feel like I’ve to do this thing the right way and connect with people around the world’.
The future holds tremendous success for Coldhell as he works to establish global footprints for his brand and put African music first in everything he does. “Yeah after the last release of my debut EP ‘SUCCESS STORY’, I have a new song which will be my first single of the year titled ‘I PRAY’. It will be out on the 24th of February 2023 and I believe it’s a song that everyone will relate with. I have high hopes and I’m not limiting myself. Just like Omah lay said, when you hit a standard you set you keep wanting more so I’m not setting any rather I’m moving with the flow”, he concludes.
The self-taught artist, Coldhell is here to stay, with an unrelenting career and the belief that consistency will pave the road for him.

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