joan Ibuzo, Creative Director, House of Marie, has always had passion for fashion. She studied Economics at the University of Sokoto and later obtained a certificate in Entrepreneurial Management from Lagos Business School, Pan African University. Ibuzo is a major player in the building of many fashion related companies, and has created trendsetting designs. In 2009 she launched her line and brand, The House of Marie.  Ibuzor has transformed classics such as the floral dress pattern and traditional West African attire and iconography into novel and hugely successful designs. Recently she talked about her favourites.

Favourite colour?

Burnt Orange. I like things that are not too loud yet vibrant.

Favourite food?

Seafood such as fish and prawn, in fact anything on fish plaza. It could be fish with sauce, with soup or fish with salad.

Favourite fashion accessory

Jewelry. I love rings- cocktail rings. I don’t like fake gemstones; it has to be real gemstone.

Favourite weather

Winter. Apart from not being mashy it keeps your skin glowing. In winter you can moisturize. When it is raining, everywhere is wet and dampy, your plans are sometimes cancelled. When it is too sunny, its not good for the skin and its not really advisable to be in the sun. When its cloudy, that’s during harmattan, it is dusty and may come with germs and diseases. But winter for me is just the perfect time. I love winter and spring.

Favourite sports?

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Badminton. I played Badminton when I was in secondary school. The other day I was telling my husband that he must send me for a badminton course ooh.

Favourite role model?

Oprah Winfrey and Mother Theresa.  Oprah is a real entrepreneur that has done so well for herself. She came from a life of not having anything and attained success. Some people are born into affluence but someone like Oprah would have had a pity party for herself because of her background but her spirit refused to give up, to become what she is today and she’s not selfish about what she knows or has.  She still wants to give back. She’s wealthy but she’s using her wealth to assist humanity.

Talking about Mother Theresa, her smile is even enough to aid the madman outside. Money is not everything. That kindness and affection shown to people goes a long way. You never know what a smile can do to someone.

Favourite car?

I love Mercedes Benz G wagon. I just like the fact that it looks ugly but it is strong. It is like my molue which is an unstoppable car. You know the engine is strong. It has this rugged look. Of course, I’m tall I don’t like anything too low. My husband and everybody knows. When I was little I have always loved G wagon. And I want it. I have told my husband that when he’s finished sorting the children’s tuition fees and Trust, then he will buy me a G-wagon.

Favourite movie?

I love watching movies about crime and investigation.

Favourite music?

I love classical music or praise songs.