….Releases “Okwu Ndu,” asks fans to wait for more

I am Lizzy Raymond, an Evangelist, an upcoming gospel artist, a book writer in the making, an HND holder of mass communication, and a disciple of God, i started writing after secondary school but couldn’t come up with any because I had no directions, my love for writing is the reason for my course of study, and in my 100 level, I wrote a movie script, and upon the process of editing it, I went into a wrong hand and I saw it on screen after few months, i was discouraged about writing seeing my effort wasted,.

I went into recording at my 200 level, I had 5 gospel tracks but was financially limited so I couldn’t finish it for the market, during my NYSC, I had a circular single track, and in my little effort it got to the market but did not trend, then I decided to go back to the gospel, since I am an ordained Evangelist I wouldn’t preach the world but the word of God,

I got the inspiration for this song “Okwu Ndu” while I was in the University of tears, I had a very tough time and relocated back to the village in my limitations, but I still went about preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ from the market, houses, and streets, in a certain night I finished a midnight prayer and I got the inspiration that the word of God is wealth, live, light and grace upon my life despite my tribulations, so I decided to put it into writing and with God whom I preach his name, it became reality and raw song today.

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Many go through the same university of tears today but child of God be still and know that Jesus is God,

I chose gospel instead of circular songs because I want to reach the end of the earth with the gospel of Jesus Christ, I am a testament of his mercy and grace, he saved me from death severally yet many who are more righteous than me are gone and forgotten so I owe him my life and totality, let the people know that the word of God is active and lively

I am not after fame but to do the work of he that sent me while it is day for night hour cometh sela!

In years ahead, by God’s grace, I would have covered some areas with the gospel of Jesus Christ through music.