What I’ll miss about my mum –Dele Abiodun

To be buried May 7

Madam Josephine Ilekeregware Alele, mother of juju maestro and former president, Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria (PMAN), Admiral Dele Abiodun, who died on New Year day, January 1, 2016, will be laid to rest at her hometown, Sobe, Edo State on May 7, 2016.
Speaking with Entertainer, Abiodun said her mum deserves the best, as there are plans in the pipeline to give her a befitting burial. “King Sunny Ade, Commander Eb­enezer Obey, Y.K. Ajao, Ayo Balogun-led Association of Juju Musicians and other art­ists have signified their intention to be part of the burial ceremony. I know every artiste would like to play at the burial but we will try to be fair to all,” he said.
On what he will miss most about his mother, Abiodun said: “As the first child, I will really miss her because she stayed with me for about 40 years before she passed on. I will miss her food, she taught me how to cook and that is my hobby till date. When she was alive, she loved eating from my pot because she knew that I would do it very well.
“I will also miss her motherly advice. Married to a teacher, my mum could neither read nor write, but her native intelligence was superb. It baffles me how she was able to communicate with her grand children and great grand children, those in the country and those abroad, her brain was very sharp till the last day.”

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