By Omotunde Alawode

To compete favourably in business, the use of extensive research is important. Olawale Ismail, chief executive officer, Branda, highlighted this in an interview recently. According to Ismail, Branda’s emphasis is on understanding and catering to the distinctive needs of Nigerian businesses, positioning it as a trailblazer in the competitive branding landscape.

Ismail spoke on services offered by his organisation, how they have overcome challenges in the industry, prospects and plans, among others.

What was the inspiration behind Branda and the gap in the market that you aim to address with the first one-stop branding platform in Nigeria?

My name is Olawale Ismail. I am the founder of the company with the best way to brand businesses, Branda. Branda means Brand Authenticity, which stemmed from recognition of a pervasive misconception within businesses, the equating of branding to a mere act of printing.

This realisation prompted a deep dive into the challenges faced by businesses in accessing comprehensive branding services. The gap that emerged was profound: businesses struggled to find a singular platform that offered a diverse range of branding services tailored to their specific needs. Branda was conceived as a solution to this intricate problem, aspiring to revolutionise branding by providing a personalised, easily accessible, and all-encompassing hybrid branding platform for businesses in Nigeria.

How is Branda different from other branding platforms, especially considering the unique needs of businesses in Nigeria?

At Branda, we believe we are the only branding partner you will ever need.

Our unique differentiator lies in the  astute understanding and meticulous addressing of specific branding challenges within diverse industries. Extensive research has played a pivotal role in tailoring branding solutions for every business sector, including fintech, agriculture, education and more.

Branda also has an upcoming exceptional business-focused initiative, “Covered by Branda,” powered by technology and intensive research into the most seamless way businesses can brand. This exemplifies our commitment to fostering brand authenticity and unity. This initiative aims to distinguish and unify businesses within their respective markets.


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