Jovana integrated Farms encompasses a vast range of experience in the field of grasscutter breeding and production with accumulated almost 30 years of experience in grasscutter farming and farm set-up. A leading agricultural project management company with a core focus on mass-breeding and marketing of grasscutter products. Jovana integrated farms have been involved in the farming of grasscutters for many years and have functioned effectively and successfully as grasscutter farmers and training facilitators in Nigeria.

The company presents seminars on grasscutter production to various groups and individuals across the country. Over the past 20 years, more than 10,000 participants have attended this widely acclaimed nationwide seminars.

I have been fortunate to spend considerable time in the farm and had the opportunity to study the breed well while there. The actual crossbreed grasscutter was probably derived from indigenous grasscutters that were farmed by the locals in West Africa. Our goal is and has always been to focus on quality, not quantity and to promote honesty, sincerity and integrity in our service to all breeders of better animals.

Subsequent crossbreeding with Thronomys Swinderianus and Savannah grasscutter breeds has helped them to become the strain they are today. The selective breeding process was based on meat production and prolific reproduction and so, the grasscutter has a very fast growth rate with very desirable carcass qualities. The crossbreed grasscutters also possesses strong disease resistance and is very adaptable to harsh environments.


The One-day intensive ON-FARM/ON-SITE Nationwide Grasscutter Farming Training Course will be an eye-opener for the trainees. This is a comprehensive course that will teach you all of the aspects of farming with supergene grasscutters, such as breeds, Grasscutter production systems, Grasscutter babies care, management tasks, nutrition, diseases and prevention, fattening castrated males, along with the management and feeding of the grasscutter colony. On completion of the course, you will receive a certificate of participation. Training fee is: N10,000.

Below are the training Schedules and Venues of the Nationwide Grasscutter Farming Face-to-face Training Course:

(1). ABUJA: Date: 02-08-24, Time:10am, Venue: Belvoir Hotel, 73, Lome Str, Wuse Zone 7

(2) BENIN-CITY: Date: 19-06-24, Time: 9am, Venue: Hotel Philomena, 19, Okhoro Rd.

(3) LAGOS: Date: 6-7-24, Time: 11am, Venue: Jovana Demonstration Farm, 42, Osolo Way, off Airport Rd, Ajao Estate

(4) IBADAN: Date: 5-8-24, Time:1pm, Venue: Genesis Suites, Challenge-Molete Road, By Fire Station.

(5) AWKA: Date: 21-6-24, Time: 11:30am, Venue: Liberty Hotel, 19 Zik Avenue.

(6) OWERRI: Date: 25-6-24, Time: 1pm, Venue: Livestock Specialties, 192 Wetheral Rd.

(7) ASABA: Date: 20-6-24, Time: 10am, Fidmed Hotels, 67, Ibusa Rd.

(8). ENUGU: Date: 22-6-24, Time: 1pm, Venue: Jovana Farms, 92/94 Park Ave, GRA.

(9) PORT-HARCOURT: Date: 26-6-24, Time: 11am, Venue: Base Hotel, 33 NTA/CHOBA Rd, Rumuokwuta.

(1O) AKURE: Date: 1-8-24, Time: 9am, Venue: Metro Hotel, Oyemekun Rd

(11) OGUN: Date: 24-8-24, Time: 1pm, Venue: Jovana Farms, 7 Ogunlade Str, Tipper Garage, Itele- Ota Rd

(12) EKWULOBIA: Date: 23-6’24, Time: 1pm, Venue: Orthom Palace Hotel, Stadium Rd


We noticed that a lot of people who are interested in learning about profitable grasscutter farming are in the remote villages/locations across Nigeria and are hindered by distance/ logistics to participate in our training programs at our facility in Ota, Enugu and Lagos. Some of them who tried online training/transactions were scammed severally.

However, to help aspiring grasscutter farmers boycott the antics of online scammers, shylock middlemen and fake grasscutter farmers and also-avoid unnecessary mistakes caused by lack of adequate training, Jovana Integrated Farms has embarked on nationwide Grasscutter Farming Training Course for Nigerians to learn the nitty-gritty of the business in their environment.

The primary objective is to bring this golden opportunity in the grasscutter industry to the door step of every Nigerian as a very sure and potent means of conquering poverty and creating employment

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Where in Nigeria can grasscutter breeding stocks be obtained

There are reputable grasscutter farmers in Nigeria, particularly in the Southern part of the country. However, ‘Top quality grasscutter genetics is always available at Jovana integrated Farms, 42, Osolo Way, Off Airport Road, by 7 & 8 Bus-Stop, Ajao Estate Lagos. TEL: 080 33262 808, WEBSITE:

Selective Breeding: The Work of Brains

If you are looking for a grasscutter breeding colony-You shouldn’t make price your primary criteria. You can get cheaper grasscutters from the roadside farmers or agents but later you will see the inferior results. Same with goats and other animals! When looking for a breeding stock, look for the best and Jovana Integrated Farms has it! The genetic pool of your future grasscutters depends on this parent stock. So, you are not just buying an animal- you are buying a gene pool and a history.

That is why Jovana Integrated Farms insisted on top-genetic grasscutter breeds. We don’t play when it comes to quality grasscutter breeding families. The work of breeding good and fast growing grasscutters is a work for a long time, requiring pluck, strategy, patience, a high degree of intelligence, and a close practical judgment. This is the work of brains! For your interest, get our pedigree grasscutter bloodlines.

Quality grasscutter breeding stocks from Jovana Integrated Farms can help to make emerging farmers successful, and they also have a large local and foreign meat market. Jovana Farms breed and sell this grasscutters to farmers at affordable price. This pedigree grasscutter bloodline is bred to thrive under intensive livestock farming conditions in environment where the quality of grass is poor. The breed has the ability to convert poor-quality forage into meat at very low cost, enabling livestock farmers in these areas to farm commercially.

The bucks should display a high libido, and easily covering does in the confinement with minimum inputs. Does should kid in the cage system and raise the kids easily and with minimal intervention by the farmer.

The grasscutter’s low input costs are what drive the profitability of farming with the breed. This is what the commercial producer is looking for.

Crossbreeding is the mating of animals with unrelated genes, which belongs to the same species. It is used to inject new genes into the flock, the advantages may include fast growth rate, heavier breeds, resistance to diseases, fertility rate, meat-carrying ability, etc.

Why our grasscutters are highly sought-after?

Farmers love our crossbreed grasscutters because of the breed’s hardiness, adaptability, fertility and optimum meat production, making it the ideal breed for intensive farming. Another advantage of our animals is that they are not susceptible to diseases, which makes for easy management and saves on input costs.

Hello farmers! You are invited to take advantage of availability of a limited stock of our excellently reared Grasscutter breeding families, comprising 1-male and 4-females.

•Excellently reared in cages to achieve good and standard body weight

•Good body conformation that guarantees fast growth

•Better liveability both during rearing and breeding period

•Very cheap and easy to feed as they mainly feed on local grass

•They occupy little space hence suitable for small-scale farmers

•Quiet animals that can be raised in any environment

•They rarely get sick unless kept in unhygienic conditions

•Their meat is white, high in protein and low in fat and cholesterol.

Our grasscutters are very productive livestock. It only takes our grasscutter 6 months to grow for breeding and a female grasscutter on average gives birth to 14 young ones per year. Our crossbreed grasscutters are always a sure bet, exceeding farmers’ expectations in terms of performance and profitability in all the farms across the country where they are being used.

CONTACT us for CONSULTANCY or attend JOVANA FARMS seminars nearest to you and discover how to BREED GRASSCUTTERS! Can’t attend? Order for our SELF-TUTORIAL VCD & BOOK N10,000.

VISIT us at, E-mail:[email protected] or Call: 080 33262 808, for more details. Choose also the nearest venue from the advert box in this page or from our website.

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