By Chukwuma Umeorah 

The Executive Governor of Nasarawa State, Abdulahi Sule has said that the military operation responsible for the airstrike in the state that claimed over 37 lives was yet to be identified. 

Sule who spoke yesterday  on Channels Television politics  Today,confirmed that the bomblast which occurred close to the border between Nasarawa and  Benue state was as a result of an operational error from one of the ongoing military operations in the state targeted at bandits and insurgents which was gradually resurfacing in the state. 

The governor further clarified the death toll from the unfortunate incidence had risen to over 37 as well as the loss of several cattle. 

“We have so many operations here. We have an operational airforce base, we have a special forces base and so many of them. I do not want to point a finger at any of them because I am currently not sure what exactly happened. 

“Any time you have innocent people killed, it has to be an accident ,because I don’t think any responsible person would target innocent people. It was indeed an accident.

“There was pan operations in the state. There was a drone that was following some bandits. It was in the process of bombing the bandits that these innocent people were killed,” he added”.

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According to him, this was not the time to start pointing fingers, but rather for all parties involved to work together. He, however, assured that investigations had started ,and the issue would be resolved in no time. 

Sule identified most of the victims as residents of Nasarawa states most of whose families have been identified and commiserated with. 

He, however ,assured that he had appealed for calm as his administration is working tirelessly with military authorities to douse the tension in the area so as to prevent reappraisal attacks that may arise from inhabitants of the bordering communities.  

He said, “The attack happened at a border area. Such incidents have occurred in the past and any time it happens, there is usually reappraisal attacks between the Fulani and the Tivs living in the area. 

“The first thing on my mind is to allow the security agencies to carry out their investigation and seek assistance from them so as to ensure the whole area is safe. All my efforts so far have been to prevent further attacks. 

“To be honest, I have not gone down to start asking which of the military agencies was responsible. 

“I believe they would take the professional approach of identifying the agfency responsible.”