From Isaac Anumihe, Abuja

The Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) has refuted the claim by Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company (IBEDC) that TCN was responsible for its failure to deliver estimated hours of supply to their feeder due to system outages and tripping on TCN’s feeders.

According to TCN, it took time to investigate the allegation and discovered that IBEDC’s publication on April 9, 2024 across their social media platforms, attributing their inability to deliver estimated hours of supply to its customers, is incorrect.

That the feeders mentioned in the publication are not within the TCN network.

“This means that most of the listed feeders in the publication are 11kV operated by IBEDC and completely outside TCN’s operational control and in IBEDC’s network.

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“That the reasons given for the outage on IBEDC 11kV and 33kV are earth/ over current faults, which have no bearing on TCN’s frequency control operations.

“That the statement by IBEDC has been verified by TCN’s regional management in Osogbo in conjunction with IBEDC officials themselves and has been proven to be false, necessitating necessary corrections being made” TCN, said.

According to TCN, the misinformation is a ploy to undermine and mislead the public against regular power supply.

“We remain focused on supporting the government’s move towards a more robust and efficient power supply.

“Consequently, TCN assures the public of its commitment to continue to work hard to effectively transport the entire bulk electricity received from the generating companies to distribution load centres nationwide” the statement explained.