Wakanow, Africa’s leading travel company, has partnered with ThankUcash, a loyalty and rewards company, to launch a loyalty programme, WakaPoints.

Speaking at the launch which was held in Lagos at the weekend, the Chief Executive Officer of Wakanow, Adebayo Adedeji  said, “WakaPoints is a show of our unflinching commitment to ensure that our customers have the best travel experiences with us. A lot of customers fly very often but don’t get anything in return. However, we have decided that no matter which airline you chose to fly, as long as you book through us, you are assured of a reward. You earn points that can be used as currency to buy another ticket. The good thing about this is that you can still earn miles directly from the airline and also earn points with us. However, this program is optional, free and does not come with any encumbrance or hidden charges. All we are doing is that we are rewarding our customers for doing business with us.

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“We cater for all travel needs from flights, hotels, holiday experiences, visa consultation, COVID-19 test booking, among others and our central focus is on the customer. We have 26 travel centers across Africa, and we presently control 30 percent of outbound travel from Nigeria. To say thank you, we are giving out 20,000 bonus WakaPoints to all our customers who have ever booked for any service through our platform in the past 13 years and the points are redeemable immediately.”

Speaking on how the rising cost of flight tickets would affect the cost of booking through the platform, the Chief Commercial Officer of Wakanow, Adenike Macaulay, said there are many affordable options which have been tailored to meet the needs of travelers that they can chose from.