…To mark World Consumer Rights Day March 15




The Lagos State Consumer Protection Agency (LASCOPA), has said making  Lagos State a 21st Century economy, can only be achieved with the collective responsibility of Consumers, manufacturers, stakeholders  and indeed the government.

The General Manager of LASCOPA, Mr Afolabi Solebo made the remark, yesterday at a press briefing  in commemoration of this year’s World Consumer Rights Day Celebration with the theme: “Fair and Responsible Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Consumers,” which will be held at the Eko Hotel, Expo hall, Lagos, on March 15, 2024.

The World Consumer Rights Day is an international event, celebrated March 15 every year, to draw attention to the plight of consumers’ world over with a view to ensuring that the rights of consumers are not only protected but also promoted.

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In his address, Solebo noted that collaboration of consumers, manufacturers, stakeholders  and the government, will help to  actualise this vision by embracing the principles of fairness and accountability  to build a more inclusive and sustainable future  for AI.

He said the theme for this year’s celebration was apt and the need for responsible AI as it affects consumers globally will be discussed, and  the important roles that consumer rights and protection can play will be highlighted 

He noted that the need to ensure that consumers are protected can never be over emphasized because, “we all are consumers of one form of product or services at one time or the other.

“You are either a consumer of goods or services. This makes it imperative for human beings all over the world to take the promotion of consumer rights as a collective responsibility.

“The theme for this year’s celebration, “Fair and Responsible AI for Consumers”, is timely and reflect the changing landscape of consumer behaviour in our increasingly technology-driven world. It underscores the importance of ensuring that artificial intelligence is used ethically and responsibly to benefit   consumers.”

The LASCOPA boss said it was is however imperative that as we navigate the complexities of the new digital era, characterized by advancement in AI and automation, “we must endeavour not to lose focus on upholding the principles of fairness, transparency and accountability in consumer interactions. While AI presents boundless opportunities for innovation and efficiency, it also introduces unique challenges that demand our unwavering attention and proactive intervention.”

He noted that guest speakers will address the audience on how AI affects consumers, adding that there will be exhibitions and some sponsors would address major issues with interface between the stakeholders and the consumers.

Chief Consultant to the agency, Aderemi Fagbemi, noted that the essence of the event is to sensitise the public and the consumers on the use of AI in cushioning the stakeholders and  consumer value chain. “In any line of business the consumers are the key stakeholders. Without the consumer, the business cannot stand . This is an opportunity to use this conference and exhibition to bring together every stakeholder in the value chain to have an interactive session to point out some weaknesses that need to be strengthened . In forums like this, we tend to hold those business accountable to consumers. So far, on our registration portal we have about 560 registrations, it’s still work in progress.”