By Chinelo Obogo           

Data recently released by the National Travel and Tourism Office (NTTO) show that in December 2022 international visitor arrivals to the United States totaled 5,015,338 – an increase of +46.2 percent compared to December 2021.

Total non-U.S. resident international visitor volume to the United States of 5,015,338, increased +46.2percent compared to December 2021 and represented 72.9 percent of the pre-COVID total visitor volume reported for December 2019, down from November’s 75.5 percent. Overseas visitor volume to the United States of 2,481,680 increased +46.0 percent from December 2021.

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Of the top 20 tourist generating countries to the United States, Colombia (with 99,472 visitors), and Costa Rica (with 34,559) were the only countries that reported a decrease in visitor volume in December 2022 compared to December 2021, with a -23.3 percent, and a -11.8percent change respectively.

The largest number of international visitor arrivals was from Canada (1,370,912), Mexico (1,162,746), the United Kingdom (315,610), Brazil (150,616) and France (121,284). Combined, these top five source markets accounted for 62.2 percent of total international arrivals.