From Layi Olanrewaju, Ilorin

The University of Ilorin, Kwara State has announced the expulsion and rustication of 19 students, among them six final-year students, for their alleged involvement in a range of offences.

The institution’s Director, Corporate Affairs, Mr Kunle Akogun, in a statement, yesterday, said the approval of expulsion/rustication of the affected students by the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Wahab Egbewole (SAN), was sequel to the recommendations of the Students’ Disciplinary Committee, at its 220th/221st meeting.

The statement noted that the affected students were penalised for offences ranging from misconduct, theft, examination malpractice, hostel bed-space racketeering and extortion, beating a fellow student, admission racketeering, extortion and assault.

It added that penalties for the offences committed by the students included rustication for either one semester or one academic session, including outright expulsion.

“The affected students were in various academic levels such as 100, 200, 300 and 400 Levels,” it stated.

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The affected students were drawn from Faculties/Departments such as Agriculture/Aquaculture and Fisheries; Agriculture/Agricultural Extension and Rural Development; Arts/Linguistics and Nigerian Languages.

Others include CIS/Library and Information Science, CIS/ Telecommunication Science; Education/Adult and Primary Education Studies; Engineering and Tech/Electrical and Electronic Engineering; Engr and Tech/ Materials and Metallurgical Engineering as well as Life Science/Zoology.

The statement further gave the expelled students were: Lateef Lukman Olayemi, Fac./Dept:Agriculture/Aquaculture and Fisheries, Matric No:17/10AB029, Level: 500, Kuranga Abdulmuiz Olalekan, Fac./Dept: Agriculture/Agricultural, Extension and Rural Development, Matric No:17/10AC462, Level: 500, Adebisi Janet Bosede, Fac./Dept: Arts/Linguistics and Nigerian Languages, Matric No:21/15CB024, Level: 100.

Ogundijo Abdulmalik Akinkunmi, Fac./Dept:CIS/Library and information Science, Matric No:20/52HJ070, Level: 500, Ashekun Oladiji Quadri, Fac./Dept:CIS/ Telecommunication Science, Matric No:18/52HP025, Level: 400, Eqwudah Lucky Ojonumba, Fac./Dept: Education /Adult andPrimary Education Studies, Matric No:19/ 25PK049, Level: 300,Musa Mohammed Asuku, Fac./Dept:Engr and Tech/Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Matric No:16/30GC073, Level: 500, Ahmed Saddam Opeyemi, Fac./Dept:Engr and Tech/ Materials and Metallurgical Engineering, Matric No:18/30GN082, Level: 500, Misconduct: Examination Malpractice, Ayinla Jamiu Olaitan, Fac./Dept: Life Science /Zoology, Matric No:17/55EK068.

Others are: Adebayo Adeleke, Fac./Dept.: Arts/ Performing Arts,Matric No.: 19/15CF012, Level: 400, Adebayo Adeleke, Fac./Dept.: Arts/ Performing Arts, Matric No.: 19/15CF012, Level: 400, Hassan Hanan Adebola, Fac./Dept.: Arts/History and International Studies, Matric No.: 22/15CA126, Level: 100, Amatokwu Evans, Fac./Dept.: Education/Art Education, Matric No.: 20/250D079, Level: 200, Ayodele Samuel Koseunti,  Fac./Dept.: Arts/History and International Studies, Matric No.: 19/15CA097, Level: 400, Toki Opeyemi Ayomide, Fac./Dept.: Arts/History and International Studies, Matric No.: 19/15CA269, Level: 400, Makinde Usman Ayomide, Fac./Dept.: Arts/Linguistic and Nigeria Languages, Matric No.: 21/15CB165, Level: 200.