Geoffrey Anyanwu, Awka

The senatorial candidate of the All Progressives Congress for Anambra South senatorial district, Dr. Andy Uba, has described as unfit, some of the candidates vying for the Senate in the zone.

Uba who is the incumbent senator representing the district, decried the quality of some his co-contenders, insisting that the Senate is not a place for traders.

He said that some of the candidates challenging him were not even literate and would not be able to handle legislative matters.

Uba who addressed the press at Uga, in Aguata local government of the state during the launch of this senatorial campaign in the area, said some of the candidates “cannot read nor write.”

He said: “The Senate is a serious place to be. It’s not a place for traders. But here what we see is that some people contesting the position against me cannot read or write their names correctly and they want to be at the Senate.

“It’s disheartening that these young men who cannot write their names have abandoned their business to vie for political positions. This should not be so. Senate is not for traders.

“Any illiterate trader who goes to the Senate cannot sponsor a single bill in four years. Today, I can tell you that I’m one senator that has sponsored the highest number of bills. Senate is not for the illiterate and inexperienced persons.”

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Uba who assured that President Muhammadu Buhari would be re-elected urged the people to give the APC maximum vote so as to be in a better position to bargain.

He said: “Buhari has won the presidential election. But I’m asking the people of Anambra State to be part of this historic victory by coming out en masse to vote for the APC all the way in the elections.”

Stressing that the second Niger Bridge and the completion of the Zik Mausoleum in Onitsha were evident that Buhari meant well for the Igbo, Uba said: “Buhari has put machinery in place that would make his second term joyful to Nigerians. It will be a time for consolidation.

“Ndigbo cannot wait for the next eight years to become the president of this country; re-election of Buhari is the shortest route for Igbo to become president.”

Explaining why he wanted to go to Senate for the third time, he said: “A senator does better with experience.

“For you to be reckoned with in the Senate you must be a ranking senator.

“In 2015, if we had any APC Igbo senator he or she should have become the Senate President. Now, when the time comes for the election of Senate President, the ranked senators would be considered and I am a ranked senator.”