Nigerian entertainer and Influencer, Nina Ivy has once again embarked on sensitizing the youths on the dangers of drug abuse and addiction.

The outspoken TV star took to her Instagram page to address her over two million followers on the need to avoid the dangerous drug; Mpkulumiri, that is ravaging Nigerian youths.

“Mpkulumiri has become a serious issue in the south-east of Nigeria, with thousands of youths addicted to the drug. We have received over one hundred messages from people in the south-east asking us to address this scourge” she stated.

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Mpkulumiri is an Igbo slang for a hard drug called Methamphetamine or crystal meth. It looks like ice block and can be blue in colour sometimes. Mpkulumiri is known by expert to be one of the hardest drug addiction to treat. According to WebMD, Methamphetamine affects the central nervous system of whoever takes it. It creates a feeling of happiness that is addictive.

The media and social influencer whose post has gone viral on many blogs in Nigeria further urged the youths to, “Say no to drugs, especially Mpkulumiri. This dangerous drugs is destroying the youths of South-East Nigeria and it is too addictive. There is no cure for this except behavioural therapy which we are not sure of it’s availability in Nigeria” before going on to list the symptoms of the dangerous and its resultant effects on human.

Nina Ivy remains one of Nigeria’s entertainers and young social influencers known to be vocal on social media on topical issues especially those affecting the youths.