By Agatha Emeadi, Christy Anyanwu and Kate Halim

The 20th edition of the prestigious The Sun Awards, held last Saturday in Lagos, has remained the talk of the town, even as many that witnessed it have continued to pour encomiums on the organisers for a fantastic job.

Some of the awardees and guests had glowing words for The Sun Publishing Limited.


Dr. Chukwuemeka Ezeife, former Governor, Anambra State

Twenty years ago, I got a Lifetime Achievement Award from Thisday Newspaper. Now that I am 85, I got a Lifetime Achievement Award (from The Sun). I am very happy about it.

The event was beautiful. I met so many old friends, old people who appreciate so much meeting with me again. The music they played was fantastic. The organisation was superb. Everything went very well. I didn’t eat much but I saw some people gulping it. I think The Sun has done very well. The commendations people made were very impressive. I’m happy. I enjoyed it and I’m back in Abuja.

Alhaja  Sinatu Ojikutu, former Deputy Governor,
Lagos State

I thank the Almighty that the little I have done in this world is being recognised by some people, and I am being given honour for it. I have always liked The Sun from the time it started. It’s a paper that I like because, most times, they are neutral. It shows that they are not being controlled by the founder. I have given a couple of interviews to The Sun in the past. When my husband died and all that, they were supportive. That was why, when the award came, I didn’t refuse, because there are so many awards that I have rejected. When they told me how rigorous the selection was, I felt comfortable with receiving it. It was a great night. They put in a lot of efforts. It was a night of glitz.

Mrs Ngozi Ekeoma,
MD, Nepal Oil & Gas

I feel very excited and happy. I actually didn’t know it was such a big event until after the event.  I’m happy. I didn’t set out my business to be recognised. I set out my business to support my family. But it just goes to show that the little things we do in our little corner, people are watching. It was totally unexpected. I was not expecting any awards. I don’t even like awards to start with, but coming from a reputable organisation such as The Sun Publishing, I feel very happy and I feel much honoured. Like they say, the response to a reward for hard work is more hard work. So, I guess this is more hard work.

Mr. Festus Mbisogu,
CEO, Blue Diamond Group

It’s a great honour to be among the recipients. I did not anticipate it. It’s good to be honoured by The Sun. The atmosphere was good. Your event was colourful, starting from the entrance of the hall. Those pictures by the hallway made it grander. It was well decorated. Also, the clips of the awardees presented at the event were really nice.  

Ms Nike Jones,

It was well planned and well attended. Everything was okay. The decoration was nice. The music itself was nice. It was well laid out, well planned. The food was good, a lot to eat and to drink. It was a warm atmosphere, very convivial, very nice.  I enjoyed every bit of it.

Dr. Jayne Obioma Onwumere, CEO of IPWAN Group

It was a good one. All the people honoured deserved to be honoured and I celebrate all of them. One of them was my friend and classmate in Harvard, Ngozi Ekeoma. She’s a good role model. She’s a woman that deserves to be celebrated. Every single one of them, the entrepreneurs, the investors, they deserved to be honoured. I say kudos to The Sun. Keep it up.

Darman Keffi,
Secretary, Keffi Emirate Council

We are so grateful that The Sun honoured one of our sons, Mohammed Haruna (NASENI) as the winner, Public Service Award. We are very happy.

Professor Ekanem I. Braide FAS (President, Nigeria Academy of Science)

The Sun Awards is one of the well-known awards in Nigeria where people are carefully selected. I am here to celebrate Professor Mohammed Haruna, The executive Vice Chairman and chief executive officer of National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure (NASENI) who has achieved a lot. While I pray it continues, I wish the organisers of the award would look at the younger entrepreneurs who are outside the government to be projected and encouraged for such awards.

Professor Abubakar Sambo (Vice president, Nigeria Academy of Sciences).

The Sun Awards is fantastic and a recognition of great efforts of individuals. I am here to felicitate with Professor Haruna who has succeeded tremendously to turn NASENI into a new bride.

Arch. Apeh Harrison

It is a very honourable feat, honouring the men and women who have achieved a lot, especially the likes of Dr. Stanley Uzochukwu who won the investor of the year and he is in his 40s. It is a huge inspiration for many of us who are within his age range to also work hard and win awards as well.

Mrs. Nonyelum Onyechi,NASENI

I am here to celebrate my boss, Professor Mohammed Haruna. It is a beautiful thing to recognise people who are working for the nation. With this, others are also encouraged to work hard too.

Mrs. Aladi Sadiq,

The Sun Awards is such a beautiful thing. With the lovely setting, the organisation is also beautiful and I give them beautiful credit.

Helen Maiyegun,
Directorate Head, Lagos and West, Keystone Bank

What I have seen over the years is a well-organised event with carefully selected awardees. The award is very worthy and therefore I am here to celebrate our customer Chief Benjamin Igwe, Chairman/ CEO Bensheck Nigeria Limited and Autosheck Oil and Gas who won the Entrepreneur of the Year award. 

Emeka Opara, Vice president, Corporate Communications & CSR, Airtel Africa

A very lovely award. I love it and would always attend. Luckily, I am in town and here to witness the award. It is incredible to celebrate excellence.

Sir Francis Chukwudebelu

This is the third time I am attending The Sun Awards to celebrate my friends. If the award is not worthy, I would not be found seated here. Again, I am here to celebrate my bosom friend and brother Chief Benjamin Igwe who won the Entrepreneur of the Year award.

Chief Vincent Anyamele

The Sun Awards is wonderful and encouraging.

Sir Ben Akano

This is the first time I am attending the awards; it looks nice and I am here to felicitate with Dr. Chukwuemeka Ezeife who is a great supporter of our political Party, Labour Party.

Christian Chukwu 

I personally think when it comes to awards, The Sun stands out, because their recognition for people is purely based on merit while some others are based on other considerations. The Sun celebrates people that are deserving.

Chief Mrs. Chinyere Ezem, President, Association of Enugu State/ South East Women.

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The Sun Awards is a good one. I believe that the award is given based on merit because The Sun would have done their necessary assignment very well. The award cannot be given out to just any how person, rather for achievers who have made impact in various endeavours of lives. We are here for our governor Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi who won The Sun Man of the Year award.

High Chief Linus Igbudu, President, Association of Enugu State Development Union (ESDU)

The Sun Awards is a fantastic one given to people that merited it; not given out to anyhow because the awardees are carefully screened before they are chosen. It is a yearly event where quality people who have given quality services to humanity are recognised. 

Dr. Jacob Nwachukwu, Elyon Synergy Ltd

The Sun Awards is an excellent event that brings out people who matter in the society. It is a prestigious award that also brings people together especially those who have contributed immensely to the development of the country. It is a great privilege to be here.

Dr. Ramatu Abarshi, Convener, Barkindo Rahama Initiative 

The Sun awards came at the right time for Prof. Mohammed Haruna.  I am personally grateful to The Sun newspapers for recognizing him because he has empowered many people in the engineering profession. I congratulate The Sun for selecting him because the award is influenced only by merit.

Chief Andrew Oru

Simply respectable.

Dr. Mrs. Nike Akande (CON) Former Minister of Industry

The Sun Awards has always been a great event, I have always attended the programme because it is not an award for sale, but purely on merit.

Audu Ogbe, Politician, former Minister of Agriculture

The Sun Awards is a very good idea especially that newspapers can recognize individuals in the society. When a newspaper and media house recognises an effort and achievement, it is very good. The recognition is very good especially based on individual achievement; it is highly commendable.

Zaaki Azzay, Artiste

The Sun Awards is beautiful, classy and colourful. I think it is an award objectively given to deserving individuals and it has been like that over the years. 

Chief Odunukwe 

I am happy for the honour given to the awardees.

Akeem Adesina,
Bank of Industry

The Sun Awards is worth the fame. A good number of great Nigerians have been rewarded for what they have done in the past. I am here to felicitate with my Managing Director, Olukayode Pitan.

Chief Mrs. Chinasa Anyanwu, Legal Practitioner

I am glad to be here. This award calls for celebration, worth the efforts with a beautiful scenario. Kudos to The Sun Publishing Limited. The icing on the cake is that I am here to celebrate my immediate older brother, Prof. John Kennedy Opara who is awarded the Investor of the year award.

Chika Adiele,  Accountant  

The Sun awards is a well-deserved award and I feel happy about it. Prof. John Kennedy Opara is my senior brother.

Hauwa Bage Haruna.

 I am yet to experience the award, but from the little I know about it, The Sun would have researched seriously about the awardees before selecting them.

Elvis Obaseki…

The turnout has proved that the award has carved a niche for itself. Seeing today’s Saturday Sun has also shown the acceptance of the brand in the society. So far so good. This year is about the best that I have seen over the years.

Chief Bright Igbinedion

This is a great forum to recognise and appreciate distinguished Nigerians that have contributed to the society one way or the other.  I commend the organisers for being very thoughtful in encouraging members of the society that have excelled in their own different walks of life.

Chief Mrs. Christy Ray-Okoye,
oil and gas expert

It is a very worthy award because it tends to encourage people, I look forward to attending every year; but then the organisers should include more women because a lot of them are doing so well in their various professions.

Iyom Oby Onwuzuruora (JP)

I thank God for the impact The Sun is making. I appreciate them and thank God. I am here to celebrate with my friend Lady Ada Chukwudozie of Dozzy Group.

Chris Finebone

The Sun Awards is fantastic as always. They have remained the trail blazer while others follow. The Sun remains the pioneer.

Chief Ekwulor,
Anya Igbo (JP)

The Sun remains the hottest delicacy. This is my 20th year of attending the award. It is worthy, credible and fantastic.

Chief Dr. Udeh Sunday, President, Igbo Speaking community, Lagos.

The Sun award is a fantastic/ Annual event. I came to support Lady Ada Chukwudozie of Dozzy Group.

Mrs. Mbisiogu

The award calls to do more.  My husband won the Industrialist of the year