Over the years, gift cards have continued to gain massive traction. The popularity of gift cards is primarily because people always need convenient ways to make payments, and gift cards are the perfect solution.


Gift cards reduce the burden of carrying cash around and can also serve as the perfect gift for your loved ones. There are over a thousand gift cards in the world today as more retail companies are adopting the system to make payment convenient for their customers. While Nigerians would love to use gift cards as a means of alternative payment, the reality is quite different.

Instead of exchanging gift cards for goods in retail stores, Nigerians trade gift cards for cash on gift card exchange platforms. The significant reasons are: there are retail store branches for the gift cards in Nigeria and exchanging gift cards for cash is a very lucrative way to make money online.


As a Nigerian, you must have seen one or two billboards that advertise gift card exchange companies in your community. It is fast becoming the next big thing for Nigerian youths, and you must participate and gain too.

All gift cards have different exchange rates as some are higher than others. The prices of gift cards are primarily dependent on the supply and demands of the gift cards. Increased demand and low supply mean a high exchange rate, while low demand and high supply mean a low exchange rate.


In this vein, you must be aware of the gift cards with the highest rates in 2022 before you start trading to gauge your profits effectively. The gift cards with the highest exchange rates are discussed below.


Itunes and Apple gift cards

If you own any Apple device, iTunes gift cards and Apple store gift cards should be familiar. Many people often think that Apple and iTunes gift cards serve the same purpose, even though they serve different purposes. See Stelava




The iTunes store is like a marketplace for all Apple users to purchase Apple products like music, movies, books, apps, and more. Apple store gift cards, on the other hand, are used for the purchase of physical apple products like iPhones and MacBooks on Apple’s online or physical store.


The value of Apple and iTunes gift cards is always on the rise because they are usually in high demand. Hence, you stand a chance to gain massive profits when you exchange them for cash on a reliable platform like Cardvest. The current value of a 100$ Apple and iTunes gift card is 32,000 naira at 320naira/$, and that is the best rate you’ll get in the market today.


Amazon gift cards

Amazon gift cards are distributed by the famous e-commerce conglomerate called Amazon. An Amazon gift card is a card that has been pre-loaded with a certain amount of money, usually 25$ to 500$, and can be used to purchase goods from the Amazon online store. You can purchase up to 10,000$ worth of Amazon gift cards in a day.


The resale value of Amazon gift cards in Nigeria is high because they are always in high demand. The current value of a 100$ Amazon gift card on Cardvest is 37,000 and will continue to increase as the market goes up.


Google Play gift card

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Android users should be familiar with Google play gift cards. They are gift cards preloaded with specific amounts of money and can be used to purchase software items like books, Apps, Movies, games, and music from google playstore. The advantage that Google playstore has over other gift cards is that they are reusable by refunding.


The exchange rate of Google play gift cards is also high because of high demand. The current value of a google play gift card on Cardvest is 36,000 naira at 360naira/$.


Steam gift card 

Steam gift cards are gift cards that can be used to buy games, downloadable content, and in-game apps from Steam. Steam gift cards are always in high demand, which will continue to impact their resale value.

The current resale value of a 100$ Steam gift card on Cardvest is 37,000 naira at 370/$.


Sephora gift card

Sephora gift cards are gift cards issued by Sephora to their customers to purchase a range of beauty products and cosmetics.


Sephora gift cards’ resale value in Nigeria is also significantly high because of their high demand. The current price of a 100$ Sephora gift card on Cardvest is 36,000 naira.


Trade your gift cards at the best rate on Cardvest and get paid instantly

Now that you know the best gift cards with high exchange rates, the next step is to find a reliable and trustworthy exchange platform that would sell at the best rates and pay you instantly.


The best gift card exchange platform in the country right now is Cardvest. Cardvest is the best and is fast becoming the favorite go-to exchange platform for Nigerians because they prioritize the needs of their customers.


They understand that Nigerians love mouthwatering profits and instant payments, and they provide those and even more. Even the simplicity of the mobile app and website is alluring and will convince you to trade before you know it.


The intentionality of Cardvest to ease the stress of Nigerian traders is also visible in the incorporation of a gift card rates calculator on their platform. By simply inputting the value of the gift cards you want to sell on the calculator in dollars, Cardvest will instantly display the equivalent in naira. The rates are constantly updated to the current Chinese rates to keep you updated.


When you trade on Cardvest, your mind is at rest, and you’re sure that your details are safe because of their top-notch security technology. And in case you encounter an issue, their standby customer service is available to attend to your needs and proffer solutions.


To taste this goodness, hurry now to the Cardvest website or download the mobile app on Google Playstore, sign up and start trading. Trust me; you will be happy you did!