Billionaire banker and investor, Tony O. Elumelu is on a mission. He has a big dream of becoming a giant among the business leaders and helping to activate the socio-economic transformation of the continent. Elumelu has painstakingly taken his time to paint each stroke of the canvas with the dreams he had for the continent. His soft spot is bright young Africans with ideas that will power the continent’s prosperity. And that dream is within reach.

For more than two decades, Elumelu has consistently demonstrated his commitment to improving lives and reshaping the continent through strategic investments and sustainable development initiatives. With a diverse portfolio covering finance, energy, healthcare, real estate, and hospitality, through his Heirs Holdings, Elumelu has remained dedicated to fostering inclusive growth and propelling Africa’s prosperity.

Although other sectors have produced a fair share of global billionaires, the number cannot match individuals who have minted their money by operating in the tech industry.

Elumelu, unarguably a smart dude, wouldn’t want to be caught coming late to the tech tycoons’ party. As a seasoned investor, he understands the pivotal role of technology with enormous power to catalyze development and unlock innovations that will improve lives and transform the continent.

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As a form of his commitment to harnessing this potential, Elumelu had, early this week, announced his full entry into the tech ecosystem as he unveiled his new subsidiary, Heirs Technologies. The coming of the Heirs Holdings’ new baby is to mark a significant milestone in that journey towards accelerating progress for future generations across Africa.

According to Elumelu, Heirs Technologies was launched to play a pivotal role in shaping Africa’s digital future. It signifies a crucial moment in the continent’s technological advancement by providing innovative solutions tailored to the continent’s specific needs. The company’s comprehensive offerings would include IT consulting services such as advisory, business transformation, system integration, licensing, and partnerships.

Additionally, it will expand into managed services, encompassing IT operations and business process outsourcing, aligning with its goal to address Africa’s evolving technological landscape.