In the ever-evolving world of digital media, Ajayi Solomon’s TMY Podcast is rapidly gaining popularity. Founded by digital media guru Ajayi Solomon, the podcast is a key component of Tree Money Yard Empire (TMY Empire), a leading digital media company in Nigeria.


TMY Empire, often referred to as TMY, is revolutionizing content creation and distribution across Nigeria’s digital landscape. The company’s ventures range from news and music production to talent scouting, with a focus on nurturing young musical talents and amplifying their voices.


Operating under the TMY Empire umbrella, the TMY Podcast stands out for its versatile studio, equipped with high-quality professional units that facilitate seamless recording. The studio accommodates various formats, from solo sessions to interviews and panel discussions hosting up to eight guests.


Hosted by TMY News, the TMY Podcast delves into a diverse array of topics, including entertainment, politics, relationships, and movies. The podcast features special guests almost every week, offering listeners engaging and dynamic discussions. New episodes are released weekly, keeping the audience consistently entertained and informed.

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Ajayi Solomon emphasizes that TMY Empire epitomizes digital innovation, a driving force behind the company’s operations. The firm encompasses several subsidiaries, each reflecting the digital revolution that Solomon has embraced.


TMY Empire’s specialization in technology for online content publishing and sharing has positioned it as a powerhouse in the digital media spectrum. TMY News, the company’s emerging online newspaper, is significantly transforming reader engagement across Africa, boasting a vast reach within Nigeria and beyond.


With its innovative approach and expansive reach, TMY Empire, through the TMY Podcast, is setting new standards in the digital media industry, spearheaded by the visionary leadership of Ajayi Solomon.


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