Nigeria has become entrapped in an evil mesh of sexual perversion. We are in an age where private parts are now publicised on the stock exchange for whoever cares to have a peek. We are in an age where nakedness is the best clothing.

We are in an age where women are no longer ashamed to discuss their sexual trysts. We are in an age where we glorify sexual binges and daughters of Jezebel are proud to flaunt their baby bumps, even as mermaids or baby mamas. 

We see old men’s gray heads being cradled on the laps of strange daughters whose fathers they could have sired, being called babe even as their hoary heads inch closer to the cemetery.

Daily, the news media assail us with reports of rape and incest. They have become so rampant, they no longer command attention. Nigerians are no longer horrified when they read that infant girls in diapers are violated by even their fathers or close kin.

The worst of it is sissies serenading social media as celebrities, celebrating evil. We no longer know man from woman or woman from man. There is confusion everywhere.

The eerie weirdness of these acts makes the skin of decent men crawl in abhorrence. This gender contortion in Nigeria is championed by one risky bob. Only the daredevil could try his atrocious corruptive activities and get away with it. Many are wondering why.

Now, the impossible has happened. Men are being conferred with awards as best dressed female. Have we eventually come unstuck?

Controversial Nigerian transgender woman and lesbian, gay, bisexual and LGBT personality, Okuneye Idris Olanrewaju, popularly known as Bobrisky, stirred quite a storm last week when (s)he was declared the best-dressed female at the premiere of a new movie, aptly captioned ‘Ajakaju’, Beast of Two Worlds.

Expectedly, Nigerians were scandalised and reacted vehemently that one’s eyes have seen his ears without using the mirror. It was an abominable act.

Amid the criticism trailing the award, Bobrisky, in a viral video, is demanding respect from ‘fellow’ women and everyone else and asking not to be criticized, as she identifies as a woman.

Bobrisky urged women to accept her (him) as part of the sisterhood, because nothing else could be done (s)he identifies as female.

Recall that Bobrisky had declared sometime ago that he was no longer a male because he had sliced off his genitals.? Why (s)he still chose to remain a ‘Bob’ is curious. A female version should have sufficed.

I have never taken Bobrisky seriously because I still believe like I did then that he is playing an evil game. He has been busy cashing out by pretending to be what he is not and, in Nigeria, people get attracted to whoever appears in any waka pass role is a superstar celebrity just as those low minds that get quarantined in a house of sin called Little Brother Naija where devil doles out cash.

Bobrisky’s claim needs to be verified. However, it is risky not to put a leash on this Bob because of her (his) corrosive campaign.

Over the years, Bobrisky has mastered the art of deception and carved out an ominous clout around (her)himself through social media dexterity. The media has also not helped matters due to its reportage of nonevents around such clout chasers that should have been ignored.

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Stirring controversies and keeping them running endlessly is a business many inadvertently contribute to boost. That is why you hear about Bobrisky and (her)his ilk having millions of followers on Instagram and such other social media handles. It is not yet clear where those following him want to follow him; to hell or where?

Nigerians are so sold to the hollow noises of empty drums that they hardly consider the implications of their actions. Whether we like it or not, what these people are doing and promoting is antithetical to the moral prescriptions of our culture and it must be wholly condemned.

The Nigerian laws are clear on this matter that any person who engages in gay activities either by registering, operating gay clubs, societies, or organisations, or promoting same-sex amorous relationship overtly or covertly is guilty of an offence and is liable on conviction to a 10-year prison term.

In fact, after several months of delay, then President Goodluck Jonathan signed a bill into law criminalising same-sex relationships despite pressure from the West. The law prescribes a maximum of 14 years in prison for convicted culprits. It bans same-sex marriage and all forms of ‘amorous’ relationships, as well as LGBT organizations.

Unfortunately, this slippery law believes that no offence is committed until the person is caught in the act despite apparent public statements and dispositions that corrupt public morals. Everybody knows that it is seldom, if at all, that you catch people having sex because it is a highly private activity.

This is the problem most people have with the law. Even if you catch a criminal red-handed, you keep describing him as a suspect until one smart lawyer explores any loophole to secure his freedom.

Bobrisky himself is a smart guy. As late as mid-February this year, he denied being gay in response to a 2017 claim by one comedian, Bello Khabir, that he asked him out. What this means is that, for a long time to come, Bobrisky would remain on the loose, spreading the virus of corruption among the youths, who are being bitten by the bug.

It is not just about Bobrisky and the LGBT guys. Anyone in this evil net of moral pollution, whether gay or baby and papa mamas, should be roundly condemned, including the shameless old men and women who claim to be sugar daddies and sugar mummies but spread nothing but bile.

Truly, Bobrisky is not a problem.  What is worrisome is how the security operatives could turn a blind eye to the atrocious, corruptive acts of this risky Bob and his fellows. When activist VeryDarkMan  (VDM) raised objections to those in high places he accused of being patrons, they quickly clamped him into jail. Could he be right after all?

Even Seun Kuti, scion of the late Afrobeat legend, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, has added a twist to this brouhaha. He said he could be in jail like VDM if he said all he knew about ‘Gaybrielism’. This is where Nigerians miss the late Ebami Eda; he would say his say and name the names and damn the odds. But since his death the backbone of activism has been broken irretrievably.

It is even more annoying the reason given for the choice of Bobrisky as best dressed female. Nollywood actress and filmmaker, Eniola Ajao, admitted on Arise TV that Bobrisky’s choice was a gambit to generate a buzz around her film premiere. In other words, it was a plot to scam Nigerians.

The deception did not sit well with Nigerians but then we are talking about the ‘Beast of Two Worlds’, which translates to the base tendencies of man to deceive others. When a man suddenly becomes a woman and vice versa, is that not a collision of two weird beasts in one person and consequent confusion? That is what this risky Bob is about. That is what Nollywood has become. Above all, that is what Nigeria is, from top to bottom.

However, it is funny when people argue that God created LGBT people. It is not true; God did not create them. God created men and women who recreated God’s creation into the horrors they have become and credited it to God. What God did to Sodom and Gomorrah and his stipulated judgment in Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13 is unambiguous.

God created Adam (male) and Eve (female). If God had plans for the deviant LGBT, it was a simple thing for him to create many Adams or many Eves without any need for an opposite sex.

Nevertheless, God loves the Bobriskys but like all creation, they have gone astray. Yet God is calling them to repentance before He pours out His fury in full upon them.

For he saith, I have heard thee in a time accepted, and in the day of salvation have I succoured thee: behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation (2 Corinthians 6:2).

NB: May Christ’s Resurrection Power shatter the the chains of bondage of LGBT. Happy Easter!