Sometimes, some men are clueless about what their roles are when it comes to being married and making their marriages work.

It is not unusual to meet men who are not prepared for the task ahead at all. They are just told to grow up, make money and get married so that they can have children. Nobody taught them how to treat a woman.

Many men don’t know how to make their women happy. They think that the only thing a woman needs to be happy is money. They don’t what it takes to build happy marriage. They believe that they just have to make money, get married and the rest will settle itself.

Men have roles to play to make their marriages work. Below are some things men need to know before getting married.


Ensure you are financially independent

If you cannot take care of yourself, you shouldn’t be talking about getting married and having children. If you don’t have a means of livelihood, why should you add to your problems by getting married? If you still depend on your parents for money, you shouldn’t be thinking of getting married.

Get your financial independence first and stand on your own. Having financial stability will help you take care of your family and will guide against the many problems that arise in marriages due to finance. Don’t get married on credit and think tomorrow will take care of itself.

You should know how to cook and take care of yourself

Learning how to cook will not only help your relationship with your partner post marriage but will also help you survive when your partner isn’t around. This is an important thing men ignore; but if there is a credible list of things men should know before marriage, cooking comes out on top.

You are more difficult to live with than you realize

When you are single, you don’t usually see how hard it is to be stuck with you. Why? Because your closest relationships are often with buddies or girlfriends you can leave behind whenever things get messy.

But if you commit the rest of your life to being with an honest woman, she’s going to let you know that you are disorganized, that your jokes aren’t funny, or that you constantly break your word.

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At that point, you will either live in denial or change. Either way, if your wife is just telling you the truth in love, you will be getting the gift of some hard medicine you have probably needed for a long time.

No matter how good of a woman your wife is, she is not perfect

There’s this lie some men believe that if you can just find a woman who’s pretty and well-adjusted enough, you will marry her because she doesn’t have major issues. You are wrong.

Your wife’s insecurities and emotional baggage will be just as intense and vexing as yours, but she’s probably going to work through her issues differently than you do.

Depending on how different her personality is, it will be perplexing at times. Try to think of it as a continuing educational experience.

The role your mother played in your life is different from the one your wife will play

Whatever expectations you have developed for your relationship with your mom, don’t carry those into marriage.

If you have chosen a good wife, let her be a good wife in her own right. She might not have all the strengths or weaknesses your mom has, but then again, she’s not your mother; she’s your wife. Don’t expect her to play the role of your mom and your wife at the same time.

Sex in marriage can be mind blowing

There’s something really powerful when a man and woman give themselves solely to each other and spend years sharing the thousands of touches that make them the foremost experts on each other’s pleasure. It is not only incredibly satisfying; it deepens their relationship in ways that will far surpass the temporary thrill of casual sex.

Make sure your wife is the only one meeting your sexual needs

Men need to know that their wives are the only ones meant to fulfill their sexual needs. Men are meant to find satisfaction in their wives through sex.

In marriage, you must constantly connect with your wife through sex. It will make your relationship spicy and sweeter. Infidelity destroys marriages. Don’t be fooled by the thrill of lying and cheating on your wife. It will backfire when you least expect it.