Personal Transport Nigeria founded by Temi Olukoya , which has become a proud word on the lips of many celebrities didn’t start with any well thought-out script, it was actually born out of passion and circumstance.

When Olukoya started out, her goal was to be an entrepreneur with a viable business, to make a name for herself, rendering premium services while she makes some good gains along the way. This yearning and nebulous vision led to her registering a company known as Personal Transport Sales and Services which ultimately became Personal Transport Nigeria.

Recalling how the brand came to be, she narrated, “ “I started my journey in 2015. Before then, I was sourcing for anything unique to sell in my small showroom in Ajah, Lagos. I was praying to God to guide me, and give me my breakthrough business because I wanted a very comfortable life. One day, I got a call from a friend asking if I could source for a hoverboard. I decided to try it out and I bought four of it to sell and people started ordering and from then till now, it’s been consistent growth on a daily basis.”

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However, the brand’s success story would have been cut short when hoverboards went out of fashion but Olukoya’s had already been taken to the middle of the sea where retreat was no option. Instead of retreating, she paddled on and soon found a new course that propelled her further afield into higher waters of greater prospects.

“When hoverboards’ trend started fading and bad reviews abroad started affecting the sales I was quick to diversify into other products. I started importing kids’ cars , Quad bikes and scooters with my profits from hoverboards. Kids’ cars were another new innovative product that took the business to a higher level because I capitalized on non-competitive products as at then. My client base became so large and by 2017 I moved to a bigger store in Lekki Phase 1, Lagos, a more strategic location which even made my client base larger.”

Personal Transport Nigeria currently has two showrooms in Lagos and Abuja. It has become a brand of choice for people who seek leisure in all sorts of transportation.

“We have been in business for seven years now and we have been the most popular company in Nigeria in this line of business. So, we have already built a large client base and a good brand name. We also are very strategic with the kind of things we sell and very good with marketing, so regardless, we still make good sales,” boasted the CEO.