A new movie, The Kiss of Death, which centers on Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), a lifesaving technique to keep blood flowing when the heart stops beating, would soon hit the cinemas across the country.

According to the movie writer cum producer, Leke Akinrowo, “The Kiss of Death is based on true life story, which I wrote and produced, while Terry McMahon from Ireland directed. This goes to show how much we believe in this project. We are hoping also that our enablers, Optiva Partners will have a beautiful experience with this project. We also chose to use this project as an opportunity for deepening relationship between the film industry in Nigeria and a more advanced industry in America and Europe,” he stressed.
Also speaking, Amaka Okeke-Lawal, executive director, Optiva Capital Partners, said: “We are interested in helping the youths through empowerment, using entertainment because entertainment is key.”
Produced by Riveting Integrated Entertainment in collaboration with Optiva Capital Partners, The Kiss of Death is a tragic love story of a Lagos youth, who goes to one of the northern states to do his National Youth Service Corps. He performs Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation on a young lady wearing Hijab.

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His innocent intention was misinterpreted, resulting into cultural clash. The implications of that and all the issues surrounding it are what the script explores.
One of the cast members, Francis Onwochei, described the movie as “absolutely brilliant” because of its unique story.