The organizer of Face of the world Nigeria and Face of Edo beauty pageant, Divine Smiles international foundation has unveiled his 2021 pet projects for the newly crowned Queens. The Chairman of the foundation, Prince Eerik Odigie analysis on the life changing projects during a courtesy visit to
Levant Construction Nig Limited. The Levant project manager Mr. Jean El Sabbagh received the entourage of The Divine Smiles Foundation International at his country home road office in Benin City few days ago.
The Chairman of the Divine Smiles Foundation International, Prince Eerik made a presentation for the Queens life changing programmes coming up next year 2021.

He told the project manager Mr. Jean that all 6 Queens has different laudable projects that will certainly going to move people into different behavioural patterns towards our fathers and brothers at arms.

The Face of The World Nigeria Beauty Queen Miss Nmor Udoka and her counterpart Face of Delta Beauty Queen Enoghayin Aghamioghogho will be co-hosting The Nigeria Armed forces Appreciation and cultural day in the barracks of our armed forces and celebrating their spouses and children, giving the children scholarships and other educational items. While the wife’s will be aided with grants, entrepreneural skills and technical information.
The culture of their individual families will be displayed to the delight of the guests seated.

In the same vein, their counterparts, Face of South South Nigeria Beauty Queen, Miss Ugumanim Agwu Okputu and her colleague Queen Tourism Edo Beauty Queen Miss. Omorogbe Olamiatan would be hosting the 4th Edition of Edo Most Talented. This project will sync with the children in the barracks and the civilians to help them make valuable friends and connect with the larger society. The opportunity to show them live, make them know they’re not hated neither are their parents.
The competition will showcase their talents in music, comedy and dance. With a worth mothering prizes and trophy to compete for.

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They will also be organising The South South youth summit which will be challenging the most likely facts and myths of success and fake success, giving and training them on skil acquisition and development, marketing and personality branding.

The Face of Edo Beauty Queen miss. Aanuoluwapo Bamidele with her counterpart, The Most Beautiful Girl in Edo state Miss. Iyobo Atoe will be handling a project that has to touch the core of our lives and existence as humans. Death Repackaged which has to do with the sexual molestation suffered by predominantly our female folks although it affects the male child too but not so much is heard of that sex in this regard.
This duo will be globetrotting the length and breath of the country organising seminars and events to drive home their points with councillors in attendance to help counselling the kids and adults who are suffering from this scourge.

The impacts of these projects will surely change their environment and set at peace with posterity.

The Levante construction Project Manager plead all human rights organisations and philanthropist support this fight through their generous financial support and kindness to make the most of the year’s plans as outlined.

In response to the chairman’s speech the project manager, Jean ElSabbagh promised to support the project as he sees it as an opportunity for him to touch the lives of the people he has served for the last 16 years that he has been here in Edo state, he also made a pledge to add voice to the projects to his management for a larger scale partnership in making this projects meet its priorities.
The Levant manager also treated the team with a cozy lunch and climax with a photo session with him and the organisation members in attendance.